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10 Celebrities Who Can Teach Fashion Week Models How To Twerk

Hey, New York Fashion Week models, this is how you can take your twerking skills to the next level!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Sep 15, 2014
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Aside from mind-boggling clothes, and Jimmy Kimmel exposing poser fashionistas, the recently-concluded New York Fashion Week gave us another gem that we here at FHM HQ can really put our dime into: a clip of Nicki Minaj teaching the super-slim fashion models of Alexander Wang how to twerk!

Here's the full twerk-torial:

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We can tell that these ladies' twerking game is a work in progress. Judging from their not-so polished booty work, Nicki might need more helping buns to get these girls to pro level. Below are our recommendations!

1)   Victoria's Secret Models

When Victoria's Secret star Cara Delevingne posted a clip of her sexy colleagues twerking backstage on her IG, it immediately made her one of our favorite models ever. And since they're all models, teaching them the transition from catwalk to booty werk will definitely be flawless.

2)   Miley Cyrus

Video via WenckeMiley

Including the twerking messiah in this conversation is a no-brainer. Miley and these models share the same physique, so maybe they could learn a thing or two from her.

3)   Rihanna

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