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10 Facebook groups for the FHM reader

<p>In Facebook, you always belong!</p>
| Mar 23, 2010
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Proclaiming your advocacies or becoming a fan of something has never been easier or more convenient ever since Facebook took over our lives. [firstpara] In the beginning were the more serious ones: anti-smoking, anti-cancer, or anti-piracy. Think of something you can be ‘anti’ of, and it was probably in there.

Soon enough, we Filipinos got bored of all that, which we reckon was also the moment when hilarious pages dedicated to inane habits started popping up. Here are 10 of them, which any FHM reader will be proud to belong in. Or not. Nevertheless, they’re funny.

Di Baleng Tamad Di Naman Pagod!

Number of fans: 6,774

The perfect group for: Facebook members who are logged on to the social networking site 24/7. People who think that the best way to use physical energy is to just lie around all day. People who like to chill. People who hate work. Couch potatoes.  The unemployed.

Why you should join: We’re by no means condoning laziness. We here at FHM are always hard at work, working long hours to urge women to pose in bikinis. It’s hard work, really.

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So why should you join? Simple. It’s a motto for the ages, and it summarizes the age-old archetype of Juan Tamad in one line.

From the group’s wall: “hello.”


Number of fans: 180,708

The perfect group for: People who like making their friends wait. People who like getting their friends hopes up that they’ll be there in just “5 minutes.” People who when asked “san ka na?” answers back with a coy “papunta na ako,” therefore avoiding having to answer the real question.  

Why you should join: Because at one point or another, you have texted the dread “Papunta na ko” (or some equally dreaded form of it) to an unwitting friend. “Papunta na ko” is one of the most bullshit phrases ever thrown around since the dawn of texting.  

From the group’s wall: “SAPUL AQ AA ...HIHI ..KC KH8 ANUNG EFFORT Q ..LAGE DN NMAN AQ LATE ..:)”

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