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10 Good Reasons to Have More Sex this Year

<p>Sexual resolution, baby!</p>
| Jan 12, 2010
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If all New Year’s resolutions are as interesting as this one, we’re pretty sure people would take it more seriously. A lot more seriously.[firstpara]
Yoga instructor Sadie Nardini and her photographer husband reportedly vowed to start the New Year with a bang, and for the first time in a long time we actually mean a “bang.”

In December, the New York couple decided to have sex everyday for the entire month, hoping that their planned daily habit would help them overcome their other bad habits – cigarettes and chocolates, respectively. The plan was reportedly so successful that the couple plans to make it a daily habit this January too!

Now for crying out loud, why haven’t anyone thought of this before?

We all know that sex, if anything, has it share of benefits especially if done safely and frequently.
Studies show that men with an active sex life have healthier sperm, and sexually active women have fewer menopause symptoms. It also helps a person live longer. Now who doesn’t want to live longer, right?

This is why we are giving you 10 good reasons to have sex (as if we need more reasons!), courtesy of

1.    a longer life
2.    a healthier heart
3.    lower blood pressure
4.    lower risk of breast cancer
5.    lower risk of prostate cancer
6.    pain relief
7.    a slimmer physique
8.    better testosterone levels
9.    fewer menopause symptoms
10.    healthier semen

Despite its benefits, we strictly encourage you to practice sex in a harmless and harmonized manner. The usual cons still apply for everybody, so don’t forget about those as well.

Other than that, let’s give a big kudos to Sadie Nardini and her husband for doing it everyday! Keeping their pledge, we mean!

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