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Happy #NationalNappingDay: 8 Spots In The Office Where You Can Sneak In Some Shuteye

Time to skip work, err, we mean rest our tired minds
by John Paulo Aguilera | Mar 15, 2016
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Today in insignificant holidays: Happy #NationalNappingDay!

While as kids we love skipping nap time, the adults in us now will give anything to smuggle one. And not only for its health benefits, but because we just freakin' need one almost every day.

With the mountain of paperwork—or in the case of blue-collar workers, the endless list of chores—plus the long and laborious hours, we need all the Z's we could catch.

Thankfully, such activity doesn't even require a bed or pillow. In honor of this holiday (which we're seriously thinking of pushing for legalization), here are eight mostly hidden places in the office where you can get away with that nap you're longing for:

1) Bathroom stall

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This works better with cubicle types.

2) Clinic

Commonly legal, a little acting will do the trick when in doubt.

3) Library

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Although using our magazine as prop might not be too convincing.


4) Anywhere facing a wall or window

It's all in the angle. If done right, it will make you look like you're just mulling over your life purpose.

5) Conference room

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It's important to coordinate with the person who handles the reservations. You wouldn't want the boss barging in on your loud snoring.

6) Server room

It's relatively peaceful around here...if you're fine with all the buzzing, humming, and vibrating.

7) Fire exit

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Just pray there won't be any real emergency.

8) (Under) Your own desk

Nothing beats the comfort of your personal workspace.


Photography Mark Jesalva
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