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10 Pugad Baboy Strips That Escaped Trouble

What gives?
by Mikey Agulto | Jun 7, 2013
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Well this one particular strip ruined everything.

Pugad Baboy
This is the recent Pugad Baboy comic strip published on the Philippine Daily Inquirer that caught the ire of an exclusive Catholic girls school for containing a joke about lesbian students, which resulted in the indefinite suspension of its creator, Pol Medina Jr.

The Inquirer says the long-running series will not appear in its pages pending an internal investigation by its readers's advocate. The newspaper received a complaint from St. Scholastica's College, citing its intention to file a lawsuit should it fail to address the school's protest. The good news here is Medina is bent on running Pugad Baboy through his Facebook account, and online petitions have since been made pleading PDI not to remove the popular comic strip.

For the record, Sir Pol, we are head over heels in love with your work, but maybe you can find a way to tone it down a bit? Some of the most controversial Pugad Baboy comic strips we found online probably won't help your cause either. Scroll down below to see 'em:

The one where Mang Dagul points out the irony of the church garnering support from the very kind of people it opposes
Pugad BaboyThe one where a lawyer sarcastically tells Polgas that the victims of the Maguindanao massacre were cult members
Pugad BaboyThe one where Mang Dagul explains why the smartest candidates never win an election, and why dumb ones always do
Pugad BaboyThe one where Mang Dagul points out a possible conspiracy between Libya and Abu Sayyaf

Pugad BaboyThe one where Utoy (a child) spills the beans on what he sees in beerhouses
Pugad BaboyNEXT: The one where AIDS was discussed

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