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10 Things To Love and Hate About P-Noy's SONA

<p>Noynoy was all business, but the same cannot be said for the rest of 'em</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Jul 27, 2010
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While, our flowchart may allow us to take a light-hearted look at President NoyNoy Aquino's State of the Nation Address, the gravity of the occassion did not escape us. [firstpara]
President Noynoy Aquino revealed his woes over the previous administration’s supposed budget deficit, the government’s massive overspending, and what’s left of our country’s annual budget.

The president however, will be pushing for one refreshing resolution to our country’s corruption and deficit problems, among many other concerns – public-private partnerships. For a full summary of P-Noy’s SONA, click here.

We were pre-ambled to a rollercoaster ride, crushing us with the darkest of the corrupt before enlightening us with the brightest of solutions.

Still, the details are all too confusing at times, prompting us to make a much simpler chartered version of Noynoy’s SONA. Click here to check it out.

In the spirit of yesterday’s event, here are the 10 things we love and hate about P-Noy’s State of the Nation Address.

LOVE: He delivered his SONA in full-pledged Tagalog

Our previous presidents have used mostly the English language in their SONAs, speaking only in Tagalog when a dialogue requires a sentimental statement. Noynoy, on the other hand, has religiously delivered his address in Tagalog, even as he stated the most complex facts and figures in his speech. It’s a brave gesture, to say the least.

HATE: P-Noy’s SONA has a best dressed list
This event of national priority somehow ended up emulating the Oscars with the number of designer gowns made and displayed for publicity. Even presidential stylist Liz Uy re-tweeted the following message: “’Di naman red carpet event ang SONA. Sana wala nang comments later about what they're wearing and who's wearing who and who's wearing what.”

LOVE: He gave us the low down on numbers and figures
Past SONAs barely give out specific details about government budget, in fact citing this subject a sensitive topic even in the most regular of days. P-Noy however disregarded all stereotypes and went ahead to explain the budget deficits coming from the previous administration. It wasn’t pretty to hear, but don’t we all deserve to know where our billions have gone?

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