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13 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid Of Friday The 13th

We give you 13 reasons why you shouldn't be afraid of Friday the 13th!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Sep 13, 2013
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Friday The 13th is the scariest day in the world. It's also the unluckiest day in history, a day wherein the entire universe seems to conspire to dump an entire vat of bad luck upon anyone unlucky enough to come omen. Path-crossing black cats, mirrors breaking, omens become extra evil on a day like Friday The 13th, and could pave the way for an ending ala-Final Destination. Believe it.

Also, there's always the possibility that this angry dude will pop out of nowhere:

But fret not. Even under the scourge of Friday The 13th, there are things that are happening right now that are actually awesome. Below are 13 of those things; use them to shoo away the nega vibe off your superstitious hearts:

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1. May sweldo na!

2. It's Rufa Mae's autograph signing event later at Robinsons Galleria Movieworld

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3. The new set of Chloe Dauden's Online Babe photos are now up!

4. It'll be only two more weeks before we reveal our October cover girl (who probably isn't Kate Upton, but is as "gifted" as her)!

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5. It's already the weekend!

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