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15 Of The Funniest #TitlesForMovieAboutTraffic

They all sound like potential blockbuster hits.
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Sep 24, 2015
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The Philippines placed fifth among countries with the worst traffic situation in the world, according to a survey conducted by earlier this month. We didn’t make it to No. 1—but we can assure you this country is working very hard on it.

The ranking was based on four factors: average time spent by a commuter to reach a certain destination, dissatisfaction, carbon dioxide emission, and overall inefficiencies in traffic system.

The report shows that it takes an average of 46 minutes for a Filipino commuter to reach their destination (trips from your room to the the shower don’t count, sorry). The country has also recorded 5,947.27 carbon dioxide emission and 216.01 inefficiency indexes.

No surprises here. In fact, some people saw it as an opportunity: an opportunity to take to Twitter and share possible movie titles that perfectly describe the worsening traffic situation in the country. They even created a  hashtag for it: #TitlesForMovieAboutTraffic. And they sure cracked us up. Could somebody from the networks and production houses hire these folks please?

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