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15 Things A Man Must Know: The FHM Bionic Edition

This week: birth control pills for men, an Instagram​ account full of wonderful behinds, and where you can score free breakfast on March 9!
by Mars Salazar | Mar 5, 2015
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15 things bionic

Time for your biweekly dose of health knowledge!

Learn about a male version of The Pill, a gloriously gluteus Instagram account, and where you can score free breakfast on March 9 in this FHM Bionic edition of the 15 Things A Must to Know!

Read on for some brain nourishment!

Don’t want to wear condoms but don’t want kids? Good news: Researchers are in the process of developing birth control pills for men. We’re actually excited for this!

15 things bionicImage by Jonathan Silverberg on Flickr via Askmen.com

In case you failed to make New Year resolutions last January, here’s one you can try out: cut down on complaining. It’s hard, but it’s doable—and best of all, it’s a great way to develop a brighter outlook on life!

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Here’s some awesome news to go along with your daily cup of joe: South Korean researchers have found that folks who drink three to five cups of coffee daily were less likely to develop clogged arteries. But don’t OD on the caffeine, as too much of the stuff can cause a buildup of fat in your cardiac system. As the alcohol commercials say, drink moderately!

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Longboarding may be super cool right now, but we don’t think we’ll ever be cool with using other human beings as skateboard ramps:

Video via The Berrics

We’re pretty sure we could totally do these golf trick shots if only, you know, golf club memberships aren’t so damn expensive:

Video via Dude Perfect

There’s nothing like a nice, shapely butt to motivate you to fine-tune your glutes…and Instagram account Squatspo has plenty of ‘em to go around.

15 things bionic

You probably couldn’t care less about the number of calories in your drink during inuman sessions, but in case you’re curious, this handy chart shows just how many calories your favorite imported brands have.

15 things bionicImage via Foodbeast.com (Click here for the full version)

Have you ever been so goddamn hungry, you could eat a coffee cup? If this sounds like your cup of, well, coffee, then KFC UK’s soon-to-be-released edible coffee cups would be perfect for you:

15 things bionicImage via Foodbeast.com

The classic Stan Smith will be getting an upgrade with lightweight knitted upper in minimalist, extra dumihin white. We still dig it though! Get it from select Adidas stores starting March 14.

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15 things bionicImage via Nicekicks.com

Florals aren’t really our thing, but we have to admit, the new Nike Air Max 1’s flower-festooned iterations are pretty. Give a pair to your girlfriend for a present she’s 100-present bound to love.

15 things bionicImage via News.nike.com

Want to know your odds of dropping dead in the next 10 years? Cardiologists at John Hopkins have developed the FIT Treadmill Score, which predicts a person’s risk of dying based on a person’s ability to keep up with a treadmill’s increasing incline and speed. Our advice: Whatever you do, don’t drop your exercise routine!

15 things bionicImage via Imgur.com

As it turns out, frequent emoji usage is an unlikely secret to getting more sex, with a Rutgers University study revealing "54-percent of emoji users had sex in 2014 compared to 31-percent of singles who did not." Alam na this!

15 things bionicImage via Iemoji.com

Keep up with the times by adding body-weight training to your workout routine. It’s 2015’s hottest fitness trend for a great reason: You use your own weight for resistance, effectively building muscles while making equipment usage unnecessary.

15 things bionicGIF via Tumblr

Two kinds of emulsifiers—the stuff that hold certain foods like mayonnaise together—have been found to wreak havoc on mice gut bacteria, increasing their risk of obesity and irritable bowel syndrome. If this is proven to hold true as well in humans, then it’s a great reason to lay off from processed food.

15 things bionicImage via Bbc.co.uk