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A Real-Life Giant Robot Duel, Life-Saving Boobs, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week!

A nice mix of sci-fi awesomeness, hot bods, and interesting man-approved info up ahead!
by Mars Salazar | Jul 4, 2015
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A (possible) giant robot duel between USA and Japan, beer news that will make you proud to be Pinoy, and another reason why we love bewbs, especially the big ones: These are just a few things you really need to know this week!

Read on for your weekly dose of man knowledge, gentlemen!

So Miranda Kerr is now apparently dating Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel who, at 25 years old, is also the world’s youngest billionaire. Life really isn’t fair, guys.

The 15 things a man should know this weekGIF via

Lindsay Lohan turned a year older yesterday (she's now 29), and to celebrate, she posted a photo of her pulling down her underwear on Instagram. Happy birthday to us!

The 15 things a man should know this week

America has challenged Japan to a giant robot duel, and Japan is thinking of battling USA’s MegaBot using their own giant robo-warrior, the Kuratas. Who do you think will win in this epic battle? Let's volt in!

Video via MegaBots Inc.

Because Floyd Mayweather is a mature gentleman, he had to film himself slapping a punching dummy he fondly calls "Manny." Because, you know, that’s what super mature gentlemen do. #Sarcasm

I love having fun, joking and living life #SenseOfHumor

A video posted by Floyd Mayweather (@floydmayweather) on

Think your twenty-something-year-old ex was a total b*tch? This 11-year-old’s breakup texts to her 11-year-old boyfriend are downright brutal. Our tito advice: Studies first, kiddos!

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Still reeling from the season finale of Game of Thrones? Here’s something to cheer you up: Nicolas Cage Photoshopped as every GOT character. Pure Internet gold, man.

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It really is more fun in the Philippines: Our humble country ranked 15th in the 2015 GoEuro Beer Price Index, which rated the top destinations in the world for the cheapest beers. Inom pa more!

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This photo of a crow riding on top of a freakin' bald eagle has got to be among the most badass things floating around on the Internet. You’ve got some balls, little guy.

The 15 things a man should know this weekPhoto courtesy of Phoo Chan via

Sorry bros: Your pickup lines are no match for Shabani the gorilla’s scintillating stare. In fact, girls in Japan are flocking in droves just to see him in all his makalaglag-panty gorillaness. If this is how our ancestors looked like…WTF happened?!

The 15 things a man should know this weekPhoto via CCTVNews on Facebook

In case you’re living under a rock, Greece is having a big financial crisis and they need, oh, just €1.6 billion (around P8 billion) to bail themselves out. So one enterprising guy set up a crowdsourcing fund so ordinary people can help get the troubled country out of the red. We think it’s actually a brilliant move—you think we should do something like this for our MRTs?

The 15 things a man should know this week

These Royal Thai Policemen’s moves make them a worthy opponent for our very own Cebu Dancing Inmates. Raise your hand if you’d pay big bucks for a dance-off!

Video via Nantawat Silsat

Not all of you may know who Sophia Bush is, but thanks to this Instagram picture of her in a bathtub with another hot girl, you can bet we’ll start watching all her TV shows just to see more of her hotness. The big question, though: Where can we see more of her friend (right)?

The 15 things a man should know this week

News bloopers never fail to make us LOL, and this CNN report which mistook a dildo-filled flag for an ISIS banner is definitely hilarious. Good job, CNN!

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