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The Pabebe Soldiers, Space Jam 2 Starring LeBron, And 13 Other Things A Man Must Know This Week!

Must-watch movies, fine women, and a load of bro-approved news up ahead!
by Mars Salazar | Jul 24, 2015
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Awesome movies to watch for, an interesting take on a now-viral video, and the scoop on some very fine women—yes bros, it’s time for your weekly dose of man knowledge!

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Want to try out Japan’s famous black burgers but too broke to afford a trip to the Land of the Rising Sun? Schedule a weekend trip to Baguio instead to try the Gigabyte Burger, which uses healthy detoxifying charcoal for its darker-than-choco buns. Bookmark it for a long weekend!

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Video via ABS-CBN News

You’re definitely living under a rock if you missed the heated Nicki Minaj-Taylor Swift Twitter exchange earlier this week, but did you catch the more hilarious all-out tweet "war" between Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran?

15 things a man must know

Speaking of Taylor Swift, we’d be slightly scared to get on her bad side after seeing her skinny frame take on a handful of dudes in preparation for her "Bad Blood" video. Girl power, yo.

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Here’s another beauty pageant us menfolk can all look forward to: the Miss Republic of the Philippines, which held a screening for its candidates just last week. The better news: This one’s actually for a really great cause! The winner gets a scholarship to pursue a college degree or graduate studies. Catch it in November!

Video via GMA News and Public Affairs

This dad deserves a hundred medals on Father’s Day for teaching his adorable three-year-old kid to perform his first-ever skateboard trick. Dad of the year, right here!

Video via AndrewSchrock

We’re incredibly jealous of President Barack Obama right now. Happy family, cute dog, most powerful man in the world…oh, and Charlize Theron actually invited him to go to a strip club...

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Video via Jimmy Kimmel Live

Here’s a suggestion for your next vacation: a stay at the Skylodge Adventure Suites in Cuzco, Peru, which consists of three luxury capsules dangling from the side of a mountain. Not for the faint of heart, but man, what an experience (and sight!) it’ll be!

Video via Alexander Estrada

Space Jam 2
is a real thing! We don’t know if the Monstars will stage a comeback against the Tune Squad, but we do know that LeBron James will be starring in it. Goddammit we CANNOT wait to watch it!

15 things a man must know

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Speaking of movie trailers, the latest James Bond 007: Spectre trailer is also making us pretty darn excited for the end of the year. Fast cars, hot girls, explosions, and a (hopefully) ultra-thrilling Bond plot…we’re definitely seeing this in theaters.

Video via James Bond 007

Daniel Radcliffe’s rap skills are clearly magical, as you’ll observe in this video of the Harry Potter star taking on "The Real Slim Shady." Oh, and his girlfriend, actress Erin Darke, seems like a pretty cool lady, too!

Video via ScottyBondo's channel

Emma Watson, Emma Stone, Emma Roberts…add Audrey Hepburn’s granddaughter, Emma Ferrer, to your list of the hottest Emmas in the world. Her lola’s beauty, plus a smoking body that’s all her own, landed her a modeling contract with one of the biggest modeling agencies in the world, meaning we might be seeing more of her real soon!

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15 things a man must knowImage via

We’re just about as sick of the "Pabebe girls" as you are, but these lovely "Pabebe soldiers" are giving us hope that not all is lost yet. Rak en rol to da world!

Video via Miss Supastah

Believe it or not, Selena Gomez—baby-faced Disney singer with a body made for sin—believes she’s only a six. A SIX! Damn, if Selena thinks she’s a six, then our girlfriends would be what? A three?! Cut yourself some slack, girl.

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