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15 Things To Get You Fitspired This Week!
Read this, get off your ass, and start burning!
by Mars Salazar | Jun 5, 2015
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The dangers of taking supplements, an impressive chess feat, a super fit and sexy gal we want to hire as our trainer, and a buff kangaroo that’s more ripped than most guys: that’s just a sneak peek of the fitspo we’re dishing out for you in a bit!

Read on for a fresh dose of 15 Things To Get You #Fitspired This Week!

So apparently there are some CrossFit enthusiasts out there who think breast milk can boost their gains. Seriously guys, don’t even go there. Please.

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This kangaroo,
which was found loitering around in Brisbane, Australia, is more muscular than all of us combined. Six-foot-five inches, 210 pounds, and ripped everywhere—we wouldn’t want to go anywhere near this bad boy.

Video via Reuters

Wannabe Prince Charmings looking for their Tinderellas, watch out: Dating apps are causing STD cases to rise in the USA. Practice safe sex, and get tested regularly, guys.

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You may be on the fence about chess being a legit sport, but you gotta admit, the video below of chess champ Magnus Carlsen winning three games at once (while BLINDFOLDED) is seriously impressive. What a guy!

Video via Magnus Carlsen

Forty-one-year-old Russian strongman Elbrus Nigmatullin just gave a whole new meaning to the practice of bayanihan by moving a fully-furnished house all by himself. Do you even lift (or in his case, pull), bro?

Video via RuptlyTV

You think you’re never getting sick because you smoke "healthy" e-cigs instead of the normal sticks? Think again: The vapors can still damage your lungs even if it's nicotine-free. So guys, if you want to quit, you'll be better off going cold turkey.

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A team of Chinese researchers have come up with a way to edit the DNA of a human embryo. Their methods aren’t clean-cut yet, but it’s still one step closer to having genetically-engineered people roaming the planet…and genetically superior athletes performing in the Olympics. We better up our game then!

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You’re missing a fifth of your life if you’re not yet following Playboy model Ana Cheri on Instagram. Okay, we may be slightly exaggerating, but one look at her workout videos and we’re sure you’ll agree with us.

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Here, we have a prime example of the perils of drinking protein shakes: a British teen named Dion Chilton got third degree burns all over his face after trying to sterilize his plastic protein shake container with boiling water. "I poured water from the kettle in a small flask, put the lid on and where the water was boiling and there was too much steam it just exploded in my face,” said Chilton. "All my skin started peeling off my face. I could only see black and I was panicking that I had lost my eyesight." Youch! Always be careful, fellas!

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Speaking of protein shakes, a new study has revealed that using muscle-building supplements can give you a higher risk of testicular cancer. Be careful what drink you choose and always practice moderation, mkay?

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Want to take your cycling game to the next level? The next time you’re on a stationary bike, solve a few easy mental problems, the kind preschool kids can do. This might help you put your mind off the physical strain and enable you to increase your speed on the bike without you even being really conscious of it. Don’t do anything too complicated though (e.g. algebra) as that’ll only slow you down.

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Looking to lose a ton of weight in a few weeks? Try the Anarchy Workout which promises to burn fat in less than a month-and-a-half with high-intensity routines. Just be prepared though to sweat buckets!

Video via Men's Health

Four nuns, including 77-year-old Sr. Aurelia, recently hiked up Mt. Talamitam in Batangas to raise funds for cleft lip and cleft palate patients. That's super impressive...and totally charitable!

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Speaking of super senior citizens, being a lola sure didn’t slow down 77-year-old Rose Green who has won medals for sprinting. Age really is just a number!

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John Cena shows us just how badass he is by effortlessly lifting a 440kg barbell during a workout session. We don't think we can even lift a quarter of that! Man, that's legit power right there.


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