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16 Short But Creepy Campus Horror Stories

Because it's not like you have enough to worry about in college, right?
by Karen Mae De Vera | Nov 1, 2017
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We’re not sure what’s scarier: presenting your thesis project in front of a panel or seeing a ghost float past. But if you need a distraction from the stressful daily grind then you should read on. We’re sure you’ll be awake and alert enough for your overtime at the office after reading these stories.


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1. Benitez Hall (College of Education)

There's an abstract painting that greets you at the entrance and people swear that red eyes would appear on the artwork at night. The hall was supposedly a place where Japanese soldiers kept comfort women during the occupation and their souls still haunt the area.

2. College of Fine Arts

The CFA used to be a veterinary center. There was a covered wall in one of the rooms facing outside, and underneath that wall was a painting of a demon. They tried covering up the painting several times because the people who came across it were said to have gone inexplicably insane. But with every attempt, the painting would be visible again. When the place was transformed into a classroom later on, students were told not to visit that particular area alone. Also, talk of white ladies roaming around grassy areas near the CFA building at midnight is common to this day. These areas were said to be a former dumping ground for rape victims' bodies back in the day.

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3. College of Music

The piano room above Abelardo Hall is said to be haunted by professors who died in that room over the years.

“We were interviewing applicants at our org library and I was seated near the huge windows. You know the type with the glass panels that flip open? The library was near some sort of abandoned grassy area. Bigla na lang lumamig and then in my peripheral vision, I could see a black lady slowly floating right beside the window until it disappeared. I froze, and my orgmate who also possessed a third eye felt and saw the presence as well. Sabay kami nanahimik.” —Grace


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4. Forestry Area

While in the mini forest, a group of students once heard sounds coming from a parade. A troop of Japanese soldiers wearing World War II uniforms marched past them.

“I was staying at the men’s dorm (which houses co-ed freshies) and it was finals period. Several of us girls were out in the study hall of our wing and took a break from studying. When we looked outside the window, we caught a flash of white passing by. We thought it was just a reflection in the glass windows and didn’t give it a second though. Until it happened again. The ahirs on our arms and neck stood on end. We looked out the window to verify what we saw. This time, there was a lady, all in white without any facial features. Then, she was gone in a flash. But we all knew, and we all saw it. We all went pale and with quiet understanding, everybody packed up their stuff and went back to the relative safety of our rooms.” —Gel

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“I’m not a student there but I would frequent UPLB on the regular back then. One Saturday around 5:30 p.m, we passed by Baker Hall. There was this dark figure sa taas ng kwarto before the Hall. We sat in the area first and I noticed that the figure remained there. I was certain it was shaped like a humanoid figure. The shadow stood pitch black against a room that was illuminated by fluorescent lights. When we left, the figure seemed to follow us. We talked about the incident on the way home and it turned out, I was the only one who saw it. We consulted a friend who lived near the campus and shared the dark past of UPLB.” —Jeff


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5. Cervini-Eliazo Residence Halls 

There was a dormer studying in his room when a priest who was jogging past waved at him from outside the window. He was on the second floor.

“We used to go up to the greenhouse area to water our plants or hang out. One time, I forgot to water my plants so I had to head straight there right after my class (which ended at 9:00 p.m.).  After doing so, I decided to take the stairs that would lead closer to the parking near the School of Management Mall (JSEC). While I was going down, I could hear hurried footsteps behind my own. They seemed in a rush so I stopped to let them pass by. But the footsteps stopped. I continued going down the stairs and I could hear the footsteps once again. I went back up to check who was pranking me once and for all. And when I reached the top of the stairs, there was nobody there. So, I ran down and got the F outta there!” —Ben

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6. The Old Communication Department

The Comm Dept. used to be located across the Covered Courts. It used to be the living quarters of Jesuit priests. There were also stories of the place being a portal to hell.

7. Gonzaga Hall

A group of students were stuck in a loop while going down the stairs. A painting that was in the hall followed them with its gaze while it was happening.

The Hall used to house laboratories for the Biology department. There was an aborted human fetus in one of the jars. Up to this day, it’s been told that you can hear a baby crying every night.


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8. William Hall and Photography Dark Room

Because of the many massacres that took place in the area during the Japanese occupation, ghosts inhabit these parts. Two students were in the dark room—the pair thought they were quietly working side-by-side throughout their time inside. But when one of them started talking, they realized that they were on opposite ends of the room and both felt a presence beside them.


9. Chapel

A bloody handprint was said to constantly appear behind the altar and has been painted over several times.

10. TDP Office

The place had so many ghosts that even the CCTV went on the fritz. A priest had to bless the area.

11. Classroom

There was a girl sitting in the front row. The others wondered what she was doing there since the girl wasn’t a classmate of they recognized. After a while, the girl hurriedly stood up and phased through the blackboard.

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“After club activities in one of the new buildings, my friend went to the bathroom to change clothes. While she was changing, she heard voices singing in Latin. She thought it was the choir staying behind for practice so she didn’t think too much of it. A few days later, she asked her choir member friend about the song they were practicing that night. To which she replied that no practice took place during that time. They also asked a professor what the Latin words meant and they were apparently saying, ‘look up.’” —Kang


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12. Rizal Auditorium

There were some students doing a tech run late at night and once they finished, they were the only ones left in the AB Building. They were about to close up the place but noticed a wet spot by the door. They figured it was coming from the air-conditioning and approached. Once they looked up though, they found a girl hanging upside down, dripping with blood. They immediately left the auditorium and weren’t able to lock up.

13. Main Building

At the stroke of midnight, the cries of a little girl can be heard in the hallways.

14. St. Raymund’s Building

When it gets late enough in the evening, the stairs in the building stretch into eternity. It becomes an endless loop and you’ll never reach your destination.


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15. Chemistry Lab, Bathroom, and Machine Shop

A child can be heard wailing in these areas. One time, a student heard the kid in one of the bathroom stalls and asked her what’s wrong. When she opened the cubicle door, there was nobody there.

16. Faculty Area

A professor can be seen climbing up the stairs toward the faculty area during the anniversary of her death.


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