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3 Background Stories At The Trillanes vs Cayetano Senate Smackdown

Sometimes you have to see past who's front and center to get a better view of what's happening
by F. Valencia | Sep 16, 2016
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On Thursday, September 15, all eyes were on Senators Antonio Trillanes IV and Alan Peter Cayetano as they engaged in microphone politics during the hearing conducted by the Senate Justice and Human Rights Committee headed by Sen. Leila de Lima.

While everyone has been talking about the microphone incident, it's worth pointing out that there are stories in the background that are also worthy of being in the spotlight.

1. The Saga of the Hungry Man. We don't know who he is or what he does for a living. He's probably one of the media personnel tasked to cover the Senate hearing. In any case, this man was so hungry that he either didn't realize he would be seen eating on national TV or maybe he just didn't give a damn anymore. Go for it, sir. We'd do the same thing.

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2. The Tale of Two Women. These two looked like they couldn't believe a fight over microphone rights was happening right there and then. We feel you, ladies. We're often caught between cringing and laughing ourselves.

3. Kiko's Inner Turmoil. Honestly, we don't know what Senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan was actually thinking at this moment. But he looks like that family member who wants to just run and hide when there's a nasty fight at the family reunion. Sorry, Kiko, remember you signed up for this.


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