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3 Viral Arguments From Staunch Duterte Supporters About Kian Delos Santos' Death

You be the judge
by FHM Staff | Aug 23, 2017
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Public outrage was once again at its peak against the Duterte administration after 17-year-old Kian delos Santos was killed in a bloody drug operation in Caloocan last week.

Kian was only one of the dozens killed during a one-time big time anti-drug sweep conducted by the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Metro Manila. At one point, at least 32 drug suspects were killed in the span of 24 hours, which marked the deadliest day of President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war.

Kian's family has already denied the drug links and even offered to have themselves tested for the use of illegal drugs.

The President and PNP Chief Director General Ronald dela Rosa, for their part, said they will have the incident investigated.

Meanwhile, some pro-Duterte supporters have already weighed in on the whole issue. But instead of shedding light on the matter, they presented some faulty arguments that just confuse the situation.

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The gun expert

This vocal Duterte supporter became a forensic expert overnight. 

“So the gun was found in Kian's left hand but he's right handed. Well, when people shoot, they usually use BOTH hands to fire the gun. Kian is right handed, which means that he used his right hand to pull the trigger and his left hand to assist him in holding the gun. When he fell after being shot, it's not impossible to have the gun to be seen with his left hand.”

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Mocha vs Mariel

Binibining Pilipinas International Mariel de Leon was just expressing her opinion on social media following the string of violent police operations when someone apparently got irked by her posts.

Turns out that Communications Assistant Secretary Mocha Uson just couldn’t help herself and posted a counterargument. So what’s the difference between murder and the killing of suspected criminals? Here's Mocha's take:

Ate wag puro ganda ginagamit mo. Iba ang MURDER at iba ang pagpatay sa mga kriminal. HINDI INUTOS NG AMING PANGULO ANG PATAYIN ANG INOSENTE. Kung meron mga tiwaling pulis hindi ito kasalanan ng Pangulo at ito ay kanyang paparusahan. Don't confuse MURDER WITH KILLING THE CRIMINALS.”

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Troll or real?

So there’s a netizen named Jane Sandigan who claims to be a neighbor of Kian’s. She further explains in the comments section that Kian is a known drug pusher and user. Jane even adds crazier details, stating that Kian’s father is a drug addict and she can prove it. That is, until, another netizen called her out for allegedly stealing her photos for her profile pic. You be the judge:

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