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32 Ultimate Tunay-Na-Lalake Halloween Costumes For 2013

In need of an emergency costume? These super easy tunay-na-lalake ones might fit you!
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 30, 2013
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Tonight, FHM's now-annual Halloween Ball happens at Hyve in BGC.  If the idea of seeing the sexiest women of the land dress up in costumes that are varied enough to cover every fetishist's fantasy makes you drool, then you must not miss this event. Give it your best shot, fellas, when trying to find a way in.

Now, for those who already have a way in to the role-playing wonderland, we have one question: "Handa na ba ang mga costumes niyo?" If you're like us, your answer is most likely..."Pucha, kailangan ng costume?!" Yes, mga sirs, kailangan po ng kakaibang kasuotan ngayong gabi.

Fortunately, we've come up with an extensive list of tunay-na-lalake costumes for you, Mr. Procrastinator. These costume ideas were selected based on three important tunay-na-lalake categories including:

a) Makakakuha ba ako ng chicks dito?

b) Astig ba 'to?

c) Kaya ba 'to gawin ng paspasan?

d) Hindi ba ako dito mapapagastos?

For a costume to be included in this list, all the questions must be answerable by a "yes."

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1) Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead

Things needed: Your childhood baril-barilan, that khaki polo you rarely wear, and a cowboy hat sold by street vendors you can probably buy on your way to the venue.

Types of chicks attracted: Walking Dead fans, women who have a fetish for men in authority, women who like men with pistols, and all sorts of zombie enthusiasts.

Extra style points: Come to the party riding the show's most famous car, the Hyundai Tucson. 

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2) Piscine from Life of Pi

Things needed: White pajamas, an orange whistle, some gray shirt worn on the head like a turban, and the ability to go shirtless in a chilly bar.

Types of chicks attracted: Chicks that are secretly turned on by construction workers.

Extra style points: Bring a tiger. If that's too extreme, the "sand-on-the-distressed-face" act is a pretty nice touch too.

3) Leonardo DiCaprio from Django Unchained

Things needed: A hammer from the toolshed; the most ostentatious old-school formal wear you can find in your lolo's baul; two Philip Morris sticks glued together on the ends; enough gel to part your hair cleanly with; and a Southern twang.

Types of chicks attracted: Chicks who got to watch the following movies: Titanic, Romeo And Juliet, Inception, The Beach, and Catch Me If You Can. Chicks who can recite quotes from Pulp Fiction. Chicks who like devilish goatees.

Extra style points: Grow a mean, devilish goatee.

4) Miggy Montenegro from It Takes A Man And A Woman

Things needed: A scarf, a pair of shades, and a gray jacket, and John Lloyd Cruz's boy-next-door demeanor.

Types of chicks attracted: Fans of JLC.

Extra style points: If you can pretend to be an ardent lover of alcohol, then you're so much closer to being John Lloyd. And practice that smile.

5) Vin Diesel from Fast And Furious

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Things needed: Really big arms. And anything that would accentuate those arms--white tanktops, black tanktops, white baby tees, black baby tees, it don't matter!

Types of chicks attracted: Chicks who like really big arms and bouncers.

Extra style points: Drive a flashy import-car.

6) Superman from Man of Steel

Things needed: A red tablecloth for a cape, blue jogging pants, and a Superman shirt. 

Types of chicks attracted: Comic book nerds, and damsels in distress.

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Extra style points: It helps if you don't look like you're too fat to fly.

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