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Jinri Park is Looking For a Date!

It could be you, you know
by Mikey Agulto | Feb 11, 2013
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Good news, people! We've just come to learn that Jinri Park wants to date someone this Valentine season, but she's not yet saying who. It could be you. It could be us. It could be your lolo. It could be anyone. (Or it could be you and two friends, given that the only hint we have at the moment is #3DateswithJinri.) All we know is we would kill (okay, maybe just maim) to score a date with a woman like Jinri, so whoever this lucky dude is better treat her right.

We're not saying the former FHM columnist is a high maintenance chick; it's just that the whole of man-kind will be counting on this still unnamed men to showcase the Pinoy loverboy brand to the Korean darling. Hence, there's very little room for error. Actually, there's no room for error. Man, this is intense!

But since we're all still on equal footing on this quest for some private time with Ms. Park (and because we've made a pledge a long time ago that we'd help you with anything—even if we don't want to) we asked our favorite dream girl for some tips on how to catch her fancy once you're/we're on a first date. Unsurprisingly, she gave us a list of grooming must-dos. Huddle up and listen:

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"For starters, always check your breath!" warns Jinri. "Brush your teeth, gargle, and pack some mints if you have to. Bad breath on the first date is such a turn-off. Actually, bad breath anytime is a turn-off!” Whether you're a lousy or a lazy brusher, having oral stinkbombs is a bad habit that needs to be broken ASAP. You should also consider always bringing along a grooming kit. You've been lucky enough to snag a date with Jinri; you wouldn't want her to remember you as "Boy Hininga."

“I like guys who smell really good,” shares Jinri. “Perfumes or colognes are basic first date essentials. Remember though, too much cologne may also backfire on you. In fact, it gives me headaches. Just wear enough fragrance to have a hint of good smell.” We'll back Jinri up on this one: Standby a fragrance of your taste and spray liberally on dates where she appears more made up than usual, and keep your natural musk all the other days of the calendar. It says that you care enough to primp up for her.

“Dress for the occasion," says Jinri. "If it's a casual movie date, don't dress too flashy. If we'll be doing outdoor activities, be in something comfortable.” For a regular movie date, nothing speaks casual than strapping on a clean and crisp polo or a button-down shirt that reeks of pogi sophistication. Should you find yourself outdoors with a woman, invest in some class-A boardshorts—one with top-notch fabric, construction, and stretch—and have her feel the fabric as much as she likes. Apir

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“Always have a smile. That's the most important thing," concludes Jinri. "Don't be afraid to flaunt your facial features. Show me your face!" What Jinri's really trying to say is that you should rid yourself of all facial barricades, like your scrunchy beard, and clean up nice. A confidence-filled smile goes better with a good shave. And for a really good shave try using the new Gillette Mach III Sensitive. It's advanced three-blade technology, combined with an enhanced green Lubrastrip (Turbo) with Aloe Vera for more blade-to-face lubrication, provides a closer and comfortable shave with less irritation—even on the most sensitive areas of your face.

Now, if you still need more proof why you should heed Jinri's tips, we give you this: Remember that the smoother your face is, the more kissable you'll appear to Jinri—or to any girl for that matter!

Jinri's advice though will amount to nothing if you don't put it into action. So hit the like button on Gillette's Facebook fan page and find out how to score #3DateswithJinri! She really wants you to!

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