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4 Must-read Books this Summer

<p>Reading may as well be the cheapest way of killing time</p>
| Apr 7, 2010
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It’s summer, and as much as we would like to live on the beach for the entire quarter of the year, we can’t. Unless you want to live an entire year catching fish and doing henna tattoo for tourists, that is. [firstpara]

So, for us urbanites, there’s always the option of staying in. When it’s too hot to do anything outside, the best company to keep is, of course, a good book.

A good book, unlike most friends, won’t judge you; they say nothing about your haircut five-years-too-young for you, or that application for a 4th credit card you just sent to your bank. A good book will entertain you, feed your mind, and will give you conversation baon for your next date.

Here are some of titles on our reading list for this sweltering summer:

Under the Dome by Stephen King
Actually, any Stephen King novel would be great this summer. Stephen King is more than just a master of the macabre, he’s also a grand virtuoso of orchestrating simple everyday folks with the unexplained.

Perfect for lazy summer nights, Stephen King novels tend to be overwrought with details, taking its sweet time to unfold mysteries upon mysteries—yet, they’re relentlessly entertaining.

Under the Dome here, King’s latest, puts a small Americana town under a force field shaped like a dome. For easy, breezy, summer reading that bites, take Stephen King.

The 50th Law by Robert Greene
The Art of Seduction, The 48 Laws of Power, and The 33 Strategies of War – Robert Greene takes on classical texts and social sciences to write the definitive guides on seduction, power, and war.

Rappers Kanye West and Drake have name dropped his books in their songs, while 50 Cent got the honor of having the 50th law created in his honor.

This summer, take on The 50th Law, if not all four tomes of self-improvement. Usher in the next quarter as an upgraded version of yourself.

We know, we know, reading four books may just be too much. So take comfort in knowing that these titles are also available in concise editions for those short sips between rush hour commutes or while waiting for a client meeting.

Take it into yourself to finish these three books within the summer, and feel the difference; you might turn into a bigger asshole, though, but that’s just you.

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