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4 Ways to be a Green-minded Man

<p>Not that kind of green-mindedness, mind you</p>
| Apr 22, 2010
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First things first. When we say go green, we don’t mean to ask you to show more of your perverted side. [firstpara] What we mean here is, recycling, saving energy, finding ways to reverse our earth-destroying habits, running for the environment or whatnot.

Today is Earth Day after all.

Earth Day, a tradition which was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970 was basically a day that said “thank you good earth for the blessings.”

More importantly, it was a day that sought to raise awareness amongst the people to be more mindful of how they might be harming the environment.

It was a call for the people to learn the green ways. Call it one of the pillars of this modern eco-revolution.

And in the middle of all this, you have probably seen your fair share of articles that listed simple ways for you to ditch your wasteful ways and go green. Here we’ll discuss the mindset shift involved in going green.

1. The “I am but one man” philosophy

It’s easy to feel small, insignificant, and unnoticed like a shy, little amoeba nowadays.

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