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5 Characteristics Duterte And Trump Have In Common

Digong is aspiring for 'enhanced PH-US relations' with his American counterpart's victory
by Andrei Medina | Nov 10, 2016
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President Rodrigo Duterte has extended his congratulations to Republican candidate Donald Trump, following his victory in the recently concluded US elections.

In a speaking engagement during his state visit to Malaysia, the president said in jest that he would now stop antagonizing the United States with Trump at its helm, GMA News reports.

Ayaw ko nga sabi ko makipag-away kasi nandiyan na si Trump. But, I would like to congratulate President Trump. Mabuhay ka!” he said.

It was after this point when Duterte admitted that he shares some common behaviors with the new American president-elect.

Pareho tayo nagmumura. Konting rason lang, mura kaagad. Medyo pare-pareho kami,” he added.

If you take a closer look, you will notice that both leaders indeed share a handful of similarities.

1) Both have controversial remarks against women

Duterte has made a lot of controversial remarks against women, including his “I should have been first” comment on an Australian rape-slay victim which got the international media’s attention.

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More recently, he admitted ogling Vice President Leni Robredo’s knees during a public speaking engagement while Robredo was also there, seated behind him.

But Duterte’s controversial remarks are no match for Trump’s single remark that was recorded, then released by American media a few weeks prior to voting day.

2) They have an independent foreign policy

Duterte has promised to veer away from the United States, our longtime ally, and focus on building partnerships with other nations where the Philippines will benefit the most.

So far, he has made a pivot to China while shunning the US in the process.

Meanwhile, Trump’s campaign platform was anchored on “Making America Great Again” by distancing itself from countries that are plagued by radical Islamic terror groups.


3) They’re both non-traditional politicians

Although he has been mayor of Davao City for over two decades, Duterte is actually considered as a political outsider in the upper hierarchy of the Philippine government, especially since he doesn’t come from an old or well-known political family.

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Trump, for his part, is a complete outsider in the American political arena as he is a businessman who has been thriving in the real estate industry.

4) Both are strongmen in their seventies

Duterte is a few months older at 71, while Trump is 70, yet both leaders have a feisty temperament especially when it comes to their belief in what’s good for their respective countries.

5) They love to cuss

We’re already aware of this fact so here’s a duo of videos showcasing the two leaders’ cussing prowess. We’ll just leave it to you to decide who has the sharper tongue.


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