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5 Crazy Myths about Adolf Hitler

<p>April 20 is Hitler awareness day</p>
| Apr 20, 2010
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The date of April 20 indicates many things: the well-celebrated “international burn time” for example. But today also marks the 121st birthday of the absolute dictator and former Nazi ruler of Germany, the immortal Adolf Hitler.

Not that we’re celebrating the man’s birthday, but someone as epic as he is deserve a special mention, though certainly not in the honorable sense. Adolf Hitler is of course the tyrant behind the horrible holocaust that occured in the 1940s. He is that long-studied devil of a man in the history books. Call him the inglorious bastard, if you will.

In the spirit of his special day, we would like nothing more than to bring his “legacy” to the table, though not the ones that you may call glorified. Yes, know more about Hitler! Here are 5 of the craziest myths that circulated the German dictator; the ones that involved our Philippine National Hero in the process. Shame on you!

MYTH: Hitler had only one testicle

One of many claims against Hitler is his alleged monorchism, or in simpler terms, the man has only one testicle. Lev Bezymenski, one of the doctors involved in the Soviet autopsy after Hitler’s death, stated in a 1967 book that the dictator’s left testicle was indeed missing. What further strengthened the claim was the fact that Hitler did suffer a groin injury during a battle in 1916. (Did Hitler really had one ball? Click here to find out.)

This ridiculous claim is a big, fat false. A man who has served for a significant number of years in the military and politics such as Hitler must undergo routine physical check-ups and examinations, yet no clinical mention of such incident ever appeared on medical reports. Add to that the man we mentioned above, Lev Bezymenski, who later on admitted that the claim was falsified. He’s got two balls, people.

MYTH: Jose Rizal is Adolf Hitler’s biological father
Between the years 1886 to 1888, Rizal made several visits in Europe, one even in Germany. He allegedly had a relationship with a woman named Klara, a name we’ve heard before as “Maria Clara” in a famous Rizal novel. The name Klara, as it turns out, could also pertain to one Klara Polzi, Hitler’s biological mother. If Hitler was born April 1889 and Rizal went around Europe until 1888, then you do the math. (For more info on the Rizal-Hitler family connection, click here.)

The fact is as much a long shot as its myth counterpart and it’s a blur, actually. Hitler, as described by many historians and doctors, possessed very striking blue eyes and stood between 5’2” and 5’9”. His alleged Filipino father on the other hand only stood at a mere 4’9” to 4’11”. Also, Rizal was 28 years old the year Hitler was born in 1889, a time when he was in prison. And just in case we all forgot, there is such a man as Alois Hitler, who is actually Adolf Hitler’s father. He somehow looks like him too.

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