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5 Effects Of Having No Fixed Checkpoints In Manila

Know the pros and cons
by Drei Medina | Nov 3, 2016
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Things have changed with the recent removal of fixed checkpoints all over the country in accordance to President Rodrigo Duterte’s recent instruction to dismantle the security blockades.

In a televised speech on Saturday, the president announced the new policy with some exceptions, ABS-CBN reported.

“Except really if it necessary, only if there is specific reason to do it, I am ordering all checkpoints dismantled,” he said adding: “Pag walang purpose, pangpagulo ng buhay ng Pilipino yan.”

Multiple checkpoints were established in strategic areas in the country following Duterte’s proclamation of a state of lawless violence after the Davao City blast that claimed 12 lives and hurt 60 others in September.

Now, the Philippine National Police is planning to replace fixed checkpoints with mobile security blockades for instances such as capturing high profile criminals.

Listed below are five possible effects of having no fixed checkpoints:

1) Less traffic
The process of having your car halted then getting searched and questioned is not only stressful but it can also cause traffic jams.

Doing away with the fixed checkpoints will somewhat lessen traffic and the inconvenience since there will be no build up where previous security blockades were located.

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2) No corruption
No checkpoints means zero chances for our erring police officers to abuse, harass, and intimidate unsuspecting motorists into giving them bribes for violations they did not commit.

3) Emboldens violators
However, no fixed checkpoints also mean that criminals and violators alike might be encouraged to continue their illegal activities since they know no one—at least in plain sight—is there to stop them.

4) No safeguard vs. crime
In relation to No. 3, having no fixed checkpoints mean criminals and illegal substances are freely able to go in and out of areas, increasing their reach for potential crimes.

5) Less police presence  
There’s always a police station near your home, but having a nearby police checkpoint that you know is stationed around the clock with armed and ready cops (and sometimes soldiers) just gives you an extra sense of security.

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