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5 Kick-Ass Political Ads of the Past!

<p>Presidential hopefuls this year could learn a thing or two from these infomercials</p>
| Feb 9, 2010
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Today marks the start of the official campaign period—after months and months of seeing (in)discreet political ads from our presidential hopefuls. [firstpara] According to Spot blogger Lourd de Veyra, Manny Villar spent "P240 million worth of ads in the month of January alone."

Yup, expect more of those on shameless TV plugs, not to mention a massive number of posters and merchandise coming from all four corners. One day your house is squeaky clean, and the next day you’re endorsing a candidate without even knowing it.

It is a hindrance for everyone, but the simple fact is they are allowed to do such thing. The best we can do is to try to consider what we see.

While we have yet to see any in this campaign season, the past elections have been witnessed to several kick-ass political campaigns.

Whether it’s in a form of an icon, a merchandise, or just the name itself, running politicians this year have a thing or two to learn from the following ad campaigns. We list them simply because we believe in the power of entertainment.

1. Joker Arroyo – The People’s Dragon
Tagline: “Pag bad ka, lagot ka!”
Coolness Factor: The smiley Icon

Of course it helps that his name is Joker. College students and yuppies went gaga over Joker’s very hip ad campaign. The icon itself sold like pancakes, from baller IDs to graphic tees.  Needless to say, Joker Arroyo managed to land a senatorial seat. Campaign coolness, indeed.

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