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5 Most Unusual Gifts to Give Angelica Panganiban

<p>The next time you think of gifting someone with ballpens, give 'em to Angelica</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 5, 2010
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Guess which FHM babe celebrates her birthday today? If you guessed “Angelica Panganiban,” whose picture appears on the right, and which should’ve made the answer obvious, then you’re right.[firstpara]

The perennial top candidate in FHM’s 100 Sexiest turns 24 today, November 5. Got us to thinking  what to get her for her birthday.

Because we totally like to imagine that we’re her boyfriend, and that she’s expecting a gift from us.

Angelica once said in an article in Cosmopolitan Magazine’s February 2010 issue that she loves the little surprise gifts that Derek gives her because she says “…alam kong pinapanuod pala niya ako, minomonitor pala niya ‘yung mga gusto ko.

Don’t worry Angelica, FHM and its readers are watching your every move too. In fact, we dug up some juicy info regarding what she might like, which helped us come up with a few awesome gift ideas for Angelica.

1. Ballpens. Lots of ‘em.
There’s this segment in where they go rummaging through a celebrity’s bag. One of the celebrities that had been rummaged was Angelica.

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Apart from the usual make-up, kikay kits, lip gloss, the rummagers found a pencil case bursting with “an assortment of pens, highlighters, and sticky notes.” Asked about it, the actress answered “Mahilig kasi ako sa ballpens.”

Alright boys, National Bookstore, here we come.

2. An alternative rock mixtape.
Yes, the classic mixtape. It always works, especially when you don’t put in songs like Akon’s “I Wanna Fuck You,” because that just reveals too much.

Keep it on the down-low, and give Angelica a mixtape containing emotional senti-inducing alternative tracks like Lifehouse’s “You and Me.” Seriously, because that’s Angelica and Derek’s theme song, as the boyfriend revealed in Cosmo.

If ever they break up, and for some providential reason you end up on a date with Angelica, give her that mixtape, let her listen to it, and wait for her to go emotional. There’s your chance, buddy! Time to play that caring, shoulder-to-cry-on persona, which we hope you’ve been practicing.

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