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5 Points From Secretary Yasay's Speech At The UN General Assembly

'We urge everyone to allow us to deal with our domestic challenges'
by Andrei Medina | Sep 26, 2016
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Philippine Foreign Secretary Perfecto Yasay, Jr. has urged the United Nations (UN) over the weekend to let the Duterte administration wage its war on drugs without being constantly badgered.

During a speaking engagement in New York, Yasay addressed the UN General Assembly with a statement and request regarding the current administration's cause.

Below are five of the most important points during his speech:

1. The Duterte administration is waging the war on drugs for the common good.
“We are determined to free the Philippines from corrupt and other stagnating practices as we eradicate illicit drugs and its manufacture, distribution and use in the country.”

2. The Philippine government’s actions have the backing of the nation.
“The President, going into his third month into office, enjoys a 92 percent satisfaction and trust rating from the Filipino people.”

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3. But apparently, the international community is opposes it.
“Our actions however, have grabbed both the national headlines and international attention for all the wrong reasons.”

4. This is why Yasay asked the UN to let the Duterte administration do its job unhindered.
“Consequently, we urge everyone to allow us to deal with our domestic challenges in order to achieve our national goals without undue interference.”

5. And in doing so, he also reassured that they do not condone extrajudicial killings while aiming for the success on the war on drugs.
“We have not, and will never empower our law enforcement agents to shoot-to-kill any individual suspected of drug crimes. Extrajudicial killings has no place in our society and in our criminal justice system.”


Tension has recently built up between the UN and the Philippines following President Rodrigo Duterte’s tirades against the international body.

These tirades were triggered by the UN’s apparent concern over the rise in extrajudicial killings in the Philippines since Duterte assumed office in July.

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So far, there has been at least 3,000 cases of extrajudicial killings in Duterte’s first three months as President while over 700,000 drug suspects have also surrendered out of fear.

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