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5 Reasons Why Anne Curtis Should Ride the MRT Everyday

So that's how it feels like
by Mikey Agulto | Aug 3, 2011
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For the second time in less than a month, A-list actress Anne Curtis has taken the MRT, this time to avoid heavy city traffic brought by the typhoon en route to her noontime show Showtime.[firstpara]

What an entertaining bundle of cuteness.

She’s apparently getting the hang of commuting.

Check out one of her several adorable tweets yesterday. “I think I should be the ambassador for public transportation na! Haha. I love how fast the MRT is! Can you get a card for it na pwede mag-load?”

Well it’s a shame that Anne is discovering the MRT’s wonders just now, but we are more than willing to show her the ropes should she decide to bring her equally gorgeous sister along for another railway trip.

For starters, we’re about to cite a 5 interesting facts about the MRT that should give her another reason to hop aboard.

1. Thank you Czech!
The Metro Railway Transit is a $US65 million project, involving trains donated by Czech Republic. Manufactured by Czech CKD Transportation Systems Inc., the 73 coaches have been in function since 2000 and have displayed a high of level reliability and efficiency, while the tracks are a production of Mitsubishi. Branded ‘yan!

2. It’s sosyal like Anne
After the Czech government donation came another. The MRT trains we’re accustomed to using today are actually second hand trains donated to us by the government of Vienna, Austria back in 2006. So Anne, the train you’ve ridden twice now is actually made in Europe! Sosyal, no?

3. She’ll garner more mass appeal
No other method is more effective than riding the MRT to appeal to the masa. The train regularly carries over 23,000 passengers per hour per direction. Each single set of train has a riding capacity of 957 passengers. And if it isn’t apparent enough, an approximate of half a million passengers ride the MRT on a daily basis.

4. She doesn’t have to be late for Showtime again
On weekdays, time periods are classified by number of trains used and headway time involved. The morning period (5:30am-7:30am) operates 12 trains, the morning rush peak (7am-9am) operates 20 trains, the regular hours (9am-5pm) operate 15 trains, the evening rush peak (5pm-7pm) has 20 trains, and night rides (7pm -11pm) have 12 trains. So Anne’s got plenty of time to make Showtime at 10:30am.

5. Ideally, this is the safest way for a commuting Anne to travel
During its 12-year run, there have only been 11 notable incidents and accidents recorded in the station, 5 of which has occurred in 2011. Not to worry though – K9 bomb sniffing dogs and CCTV cameras have been a regular staple in these stations. Still Anne, we’d be the first one to sacrifice our lives just to protect you on a daily basis. Now if only they’d let us enter the all-female trains at the front.

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