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5 Reasons Why Working From Home Is A Dream Job Requirement
For one, you can finally say goodbye to the rat race!
| Dec 12, 2014
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If you’re at work right now, you probably looked at all directions before clicking on the link that led you here. Don’t worry; as long as you can keep yourself from clicking FHM Philippines' galleries of hot chicks interesting links, this is very much suitable for work.

They say that when you find a job that you like, you’ll never have to work a single day in your life. Well, not everyone is lucky enough to end up with that kind of job. Most of us end up fighting our way through the rat race going to our day jobs every Monday hoping that Friday would come soon. In the process, we take short breaks to read links like these. To keep our sanity, that is.

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However, with technology providing countless new ways to interact with people, some office jobs don’t need their employees to be present in the office all the time. It opens up the possibility of a dream job requirement: working from home. And here are five reasons why this is so awesome!

1)   You don’t need to look over your shoulder for everything that you do.

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If you were working from home right now, you can click away at the rest of the links after this article and care less how #NSFW they are! You can also eat, drink, and even forget to take a bath and nobody’s going to care. This is the very definition of “the end justifies the means.” After all, what matters is how you and your presentation looks, not how the presentation was made and how you looked like while making it.

2)   You’re never late for work.

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Imagine the insane traffic that greets you early in the morning. Whether you have a car or take public transportation, you have to face the grind everyday going to work. Working from home means you get to avoid all that craziness and start the day with breakfast with no added pressure of being late for your eight-to-five. Isn’t it a much better way to start the day than catching your breath after running to log-in on time?

3)   No more dealing with difficult workmates!

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We all want to get along with workmates, but there are inevitable instances that we reach disagreements with some of them. It could lead to awkward moments or uneasy interactions. Having a job that doesn’t require you to face them every day gives you more time to focus on your work rather than trying to avoid or confront these wonderful people. It could be easier to still work with them through emails.

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4)   It lets you control your time.

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No, you won’t suddenly become a superhero, but close to it. Being able to work from home allows you to multitask in ways that you can’t while in your work cubicle. You can have a TV series marathon while writing an article or attend a wedding of your dear friend on a weekday while replying to urgent emails. Spend overtime at home munching on midnight snacks rather than alone in a big, dark, office!

5)   You can be anywhere, anytime you want.

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You could be chilling at a beach, relaxing at a coffee shop, or cooking at home, and still be able to accomplish the things that you need for work. Apps like Evernote can help you take note of things that suddenly pop into your head and save it for when you have time later. Having cloud storage means you don’t need to transfer files through a USB you brought along with you.

Convinced that a dream job that still has you as a corporate #wageslave is the one that allows working from home? Great! Though the best thing about this is that it’s no longer impossible.

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Furthermore, Globe is also throwing in 10GB of Globe Cloud Storage when you subscribe to Work Bundle so you can store and retrieve your files from virtually any device, anytime & anywhere.

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