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5 Things About Nivea for Men Silver Protect!

Silver as in AG, atomic number 47, yo!
by Lou E. Albano | Sep 20, 2011
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So Nivea Men just launched their Silver Protect line of products. What are they, you may ask. Silver Protect is a line of deodorant that assures you smell good all day long by way of—get this—silver ions.

As in silver the element, the one chemists call AG, with the atomic number 47 in the periodic table of elements.

You can say that again, we know. Silver in grooming products is almost unheard of. And yet, the metal has long been used in anti-microbrial since, uhm, foreverrr. (According to this website, silver lost its popularity when antibiotics were introduced in the 40s.) 

Well, this is a winning property that should probably move silver up from second place, don’t you think? Kudos, too, to Nivea for uncovering this not-so-popular fact and utilizing it right.

We are pretty stoked about this whole metallurgical business that Nivea has put in their products. So, we tried to do some more research about the Silver Protect line and here are 4 more things you might want to know about it.

1.    First Dibs on Silver! With the Silver Protect deo, Nivea for men is the first to use silver’s anti-bacterial power in grooming products. Not ba-had!
2.    Silver ions are active mofos. Silver Ions are actually incredibly active molecules. So what happens in the Silver Protect deos is that the hyper silver ions head straight and attack the bacteria in atomical level. Which means they stop the body odor from being produced in the first place.
3.    Open 24 hours. This gives 24 hours protection, so isang pahid lang and your good for the whole day.
4.    It is still a Nivea for Men product. Which means that though this is the most pangharabas alchemist-sounding deo yet, it is still gentle for your kili-kili, which by the way is one of the more sensitive parts of your skin. Which means, you need to take as much care of it as you do your smell.

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