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5 Things on the Web to Get You Going on a Monday

<p>Boring Monday feeling? Get tangled up with today's web finds</p>
| May 24, 2010
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Mondays are almost always really tough for everybody: rush hours, early deadlines, and the back-to-work mentality.

We'd like to agree and symphatize with everybody, except we're too busy checking out what's up with the world using our eye on the web. And hey, based on our web finds this week, the internet will be more than enough to get us through the workweek just fine.

Check out 5 things on the web to get you going on a regular Monday. Read on!

1. Francis Kong has got one hell of a stress buster
Inspirational speaker and corporate trainer Francis Kong has made an interesting discussion on the topic of stress, mostly felt throughout the work week, but escalates mostly on Mondays.

Stress, according to him, is caused by two opposing forces, which pull against each other. “We usually think of this as something negative but actually some stress is essential for living. For instance, gravity is a stress to your body - but you couldn't live without it.”

Kong notes that spiritual strength makes the difference between a negative stress and positive stress. He even shared the essential 3 P’s to recharge ourselves spiritually and handle stress properly – PAUSE, PRAY, and PRIORITIZE. Sounds cheesy alright, but you’ll never believe how much he makes sense in this one. Click here to read the article.

2. Batman has a porn parody!

If Tarzan and Snow White did it, then why the hell not Batman, right? According to a report from, Vivid Entertainment is actually doing a Batman porn parody starring adult film pros Dale Dabone and James Deen as Batman and Robin.

Batman and Robin in a porn movie: sounds so wrong already.

Fortunately, Batgirl and Catwoman did make it into the movie, played by Lexi Belle and Tori Black. Porn legend Ron Jeremy is reportedly in this action hero flick as well, though it is unknown what his role will be this time around. He is certainly not Batman though. Not when the Batman they’re using is the Adam West version: gray tights and a blue cape.

Ron Jeremy in a Batman suit: sounds much more wrong.

Batman XXX: A Porn Parody will hit the stores real soon. For more on this terrific/terrible discovery (depends on how much of a fan are you), click here. For the meantime though, check this fancy trailer featuring Batman, Robin, and even the Joker:

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