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5 Times The Trump-Duterte Bromance Was Just Too Real

Plus, some hilarious memes of this new pairing
by Andrei Medina | Nov 16, 2017
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Amid all the buzz about the 31st ASEAN Summit, we still couldn’t get over the brewing bromance between US President Donald Trump and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. This was first made apparent during their vigorous handshake, which set the tone for the two leaders during the whole event.

We’ve probably just witnessed the formation of this generation’s deadly duo.

But it seems like Trump got a bit too comfortable in giving Duterte the hand, as seen during the traditional ASEAN leaders’ hand-linking session.

Check out that duckface:

More awkward shots:


Still, this didn’t stop Trump from repeatedly praising Duterte with no mention of the drug war that claimed thousands of lives.

Duterte giving back the love:

Trump even chuckled as Duterte jokingly referred to journalists as spies.

Of course, the highlight of their bromance was when Duterte couldn’t help himself from singing along while Pilita Corrales was performing “Ikaw”—a cringe-worthy rendition supposedly done upon Trump’s request.

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Well, at least this American celebrity called a spade a spade.

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