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6 Amazing Freefall Survival Stories

<p>Catch me, I'm falling</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 26, 2011
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Sometimes, it just isn’t your day. Everything seems to be going wrong, every person you meet seems to be in a terrible mood, and the skies seem grayer than usual.


Like this woman for instance, whose apparent suicide attempt goes wrong in all the right ways.

Yesterday, January 25, a woman in Buenos Aires, Argentina jumped off a 23-story hotel, and survived.

The woman, a 30-year-old Argentine, landed on the roof of a taxi, in a sitting position, as if she was just chilling.

Defying the laws of the universe (common knowledge dictates that falling from a height of 100 meters equates to instant death), the woman didn’t die, and was instead rushed to a nearby hospital where she’s recovering.

Most of you might chalk this one up to plain ol’ dumb luck, but we’ve got a more interesting theory: the mutants are among us!

While it might seem impossible, there are indeed a couple of tales that prove that falling from incredible heights will only kill you about 99.99 percent of the time. And these five fall survival stories below are part of that remaining .01 percent:

The teenager who got high: Juliane Koepcke

Christmas Eve, 1971. What seemed like just another ordinary domestic flight from Lima, Peru to Pucallpu Peru instantly turned into a nightmare as a thunderstorm sent LANSA Flight 508 crashing down into the Amazon forest.

Ninety-two people were aboard that flight, six were crew members, the rest, passengers. Only one lucky soul survived: Juliane Kopcke (pronounced cup-key), then a 17-year-old girl. She fell 3 kilometers down into the forest while strapped to her seat, and amazingly survived.

It wasn’t until the next morning when she woke up that she found out that she was the lucky one, although for a moment, we imagine how shocked she must have been with how green heaven looked. She was all alone, with only scattered bodies and holiday gifts (such a grim image) keeping her company. Surviving the crash had been one thing, but being a teenager lost in a jungle could prove just as deadly.

But once again she defeated the odds. And she did so by following her biologist dad’s advice: follow the water, to find civilization in the jungle. From tiny streams she followed larger water channels all the while avoiding the locale’s diverse (and possibly deadly) wildlife that the Discovery Channel frequently advertised. Finally, on her tenth day (with a bag of candies being her main source of sustenance) she saw a canoe on a shore, she went to it, and was finally found by a group of lumberjacks.  

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