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7 FHM celebs running for office

<p>Ah, how time changes everything</p>
| Dec 8, 2009
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(Ed's note: All the photos and interviews in this article appeared in previous FHM issues)

The last week of November was anything but placid, as people—celebrities, party list leaders, quasi-revolutionaries, unknowns, the-next-in-line’s—all lined up to file for candidacy, for that *ahem* golden chance to get a seat in our government. [firstpara]
Now that all that hullabaloo has settled down, we rummaged through the vaunted FHM archives, and looked for celebrities that we have interviewed before, and are running for office. We dusted off those pages to give you snippets from those classic interviews. What Manny has to say about running for office before is just pure gold.

Christopher de Leon
Back in 2007, the Drama King ran for Vice Governor in Batangas, but subsequently lost to Marc Leviste. Now he is running as a board member in the 2nd District of Batangas.

From FHM May 2001
You were married to Nora Aunor, but you did more films with Vilma. What are you really—a Noranian or Vilmanian?
(laughs) Sharonian. All I can say is, my tandem with Vilma really clicked with filmgoers. Maybe it’s because of our onscreen chemistry together.

Your bout with drugs was a turbulent phase in your life, wasn’t it?
I got into it in the early 80s, the post-hippie, Woodstock era. I tried everything from shabu to cocaine, from uppers to downers. I stopped mga late ‘80s na.

What do you think of Nora’s political ambitions?
Well, diskarte niya ‘yon. I really don’t know. Hindi naman niya ako kinokonsulta about that. It’s her choice. If she thinks she can serve well as governor of Camarines Sur—which I think she can—why not?

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