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9/11: A Retelling By The Numbers

Learn an important piece of history by the numbers
by Mikey Agulto | Sep 10, 2011
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Sunday, September 11, will officially mark the 10th anniversary of the New York and Washington terrorist attacks, otherwise marked in our memories as 9/11. Paying our tribute to the victims and survivors of this global tragedy, we cite the 10 figures that could help retell how this epic part of history began and ended.

1998 – The year America first heard about Osama Bin Laden, who was indicted for killing five Americans and two Indians during a truck bombing of the Saudi National Guard training center back in 1995. He would officially make the FBI’s most wanted list after bombing US Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya on the same year.

8:46 – The official time marked when the first hijacked plane hit the World Trade Center in the morning of September 11, enduring one more plane crash and several collapses in the two hours that followed.

2,996 – The number of deaths that has been recorded in the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and Pennsylvania attacks, including the firefighters, paramedics, police officers, and innocent passengers of the hijacked planes that crashed on September 11, 2001.

22, 000 – The number of bombs the United States forces dropped on Afghanistan, six months after President George W. Bush declared and initiated the war on terror on October 7, 2001.

3 – The number of countries included in the “Axis of Evil” – North Korea, Iraq, and Iran, all of which are alleged by George W. Bush as potential terror threats to the world. He would eventually focus on Saddam Hussein and Iraq only a year after the attacks.

2013 – The year the new One World Trade Center will officially be completed after starting its initial construction back in 2006, meant to replace yet commemorate the original Twin Towers that met its demise during the attacks.

20,000 – The number of soldiers deployed into Iraq and eventually Baghdad in 2007 to increase the number of troops which can provide security in Baghdad and Al Anbar Province. Bush also became as unpopular as ever, with people questioning his methods on handling the war.

18 – The promised number of months it will take for combat operations to end in Iraq, according to then-new President Barack Obama back in 2008. He would deliver on this promise on August 31, 2010, but would soon deploy 30,000 military personnel in Afghanistan for stabilization purposes.

15 – The number of people photographed in what would later be labeled as “The Situation Room”, courtesy of White House photographer Pete Souza. The picture shows President Obama and his national security team receiving updates from the operation centered to killing Bin Laden. Hillary Clinton, who is included in the photo, described it as “the most intense 38 minutes of my life.”

40 – The number of minutes it took to finally kill Osama Bin Laden, courtesy of an ambushed firefight ignited by a small team of US Forces acting under the direct orders of President Obama on May 1, 2011, almost a decade after the massive manhunt for the Saudi terror kingpin began.

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