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9 Semi-Lousy Gifts You’ll Receive At Your Office Christmas Party

Mugs, good morning towels, and more
by FHM Team | Dec 20, 2016
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When it comes to gifts, it’s always the thought that counts, right? Sure, keep telling yourself that, especially when you receive your fifth straight calendar in a row. But hey, at least you got a gift! Here are nine to expect in the run-up to Christmas.

1) Food

You know it’s Christmas when your cubicle-mate or friendly neighborhood supplier gives you a round of Quezo de Bola, a hunk of ham, or a lump of fruitcake. Food is always a welcome present, but it’s hard to appreciate when you no longer have space in your ref (or your tummy)!

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2) Umbrellas

For a country visited by an average of 22 typhoons a year, umbrellas are actually quite welcome. Even the ones with company logos on them! Hey, better to be a walking promodizer than to get soaked under the rain.

3) Towels

They think they’re thoughtful by giving you something practical, but a towel may be a little too generic. Still, in a country as humid as ours, we’ll take it! Just don’t expect us to drape it over the back of our shirts.

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4) Scented Candles

Once upon a time, scented candles were the hippest gifts to give. But just like other trends, their popularity eventually died down. You can still find them everywhere, though—especially in your gift pile! 


5) Picture Frames

Admit it: picture frames were passé even before people uploaded all their pics on social media. Unless it’s a handcrafted gift by your kids for their lolo and lola, ditch it.

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6) Figurines

They’re cute, sure, but we have enough clutter on our desks already! And if you’re going to give it to your kids or pamangkin—well, how long will they really last?

7) Calendar and Planners

They’re practical, but you can actually really only use one. Two, maybe, on a really busy day. Besides, most prefer to put everything into their mobile gadgets nowadays. These are just a sad waste of paper!

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8) Pens

Pens are mighty useful on a normal day—but as a Christmas present? They don’t really say a lot…especially if they’re the type you can find just about anywhere.

9) Mugs and Tumblers

We’re not going to use these, period. They’ll just end up holding all the pens we received for Christmas. Plus, they’ll just be indirect advertisements for companies that give them away as freebies. Expect to see these gifts stashed in our closets until we completely forget about them.   

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