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Ghost Riders, Haunted Trips, And The Uber Drivers Who Experienced Them

Don't read this if you're planning to book an UberPool tonight
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 30, 2017
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Uber drivers spend many hours behind the wheel. They've already encountered everything—from bad weather, annoying passengers, and cancelled bookings to hot-headed fellow drivers, and even road accidents. But sometimes, Uber drivers still get shocked by what they see on the road, or worse, what they spot inside their car.

This Halloween, we asked our friendly Uber drivers to tell us their creepiest encounters while being on the job. Before scrolling down, make sure you lock your doors and check if you’re pooling with a living, breathing person.

UberPool or UberMumu?

"May isa akong pool rider na sa tabi ko sa front umupo. Naging matiwasay naman ang aming byahe at nagkwentuhan kami. Pagdating namin sa kanyang destinasyon at sinabi niya sa'kin na umupo siya sa front kasi nakita niyang may nakaupo na sa likuran. Nalaman na lang niya na wala naman pala siyang kasabay nang pababa na siya."–Valentin Bonite

"Huwebes ng tanghali nang may sumakay na babae na na-pick up ko sa Legaspi Village. Sumakay siya sa harap at tila may tinitignan sa likod. Nagtanong siya kung may ibang sakay daw ba ako. Tugon ko naman ay wala. Yun pala, may nakita na siyang nakasakay sa kotse ko bago pa siya sumakay. Inamin ng babae na may third eye siya. Nagpatuloy na lang ako sa pagda-drive."–Ernesto Aroc

"May UberPool na nag-book sa'kin. Sinundo ko sa pick-up point yung lalaki. Nag-iisa lang siya. Pasakay na siya sa likod pero pagbukas niya ng pinto, sinara niya rin agad sabay lipat sa harap. So ako nagtaka. Sa isip ko, ‘Ano kaya trip nito?’ Along the way, hindi kami nag-uusap, pero kita ko sa peripheral vision ko na parang nakatingin siya sa’kin. Akala ko magde-declare ng holdup kasi hindi siya mapakali sa upuan niya at tingin siya nang tingin sa’kin. Finally, nagtanong siya, ‘Kumusta byahe, sir?’ Sagot ko, ‘Okay naman po, sir. Pauwi na din maya-maya.’ Biglang sabi niya, ‘Akala ko may kasabay ako sa likod kaya lumipat ako dito sa harap. May nakita kasi akong babae sa likod.’  So I was like ‘WTF?!’ Tinanong ko siya ‘Seryoso ka ba, sir? Ano hitsura?’ Sabi niya, ‘Maliit lang na babae. Maputi, maiksi ang buhok.’ Na-describe talaga niya. Biniro ko na lang, ‘Dapat sa harap na lang sana siya umupo sir.’"—John Acia

Beware of the Balete Drive

"I picked up a couple, they're students from University of Sto. Tomas. Sweet silang dalawa sa likuran ng car, so di ko masyado pinapansin. Around QC area, it was my first time na dumaan sa Balete Drive. It's 12:30 a.m. At sa hindi ko inaasahang pagkakataon, I saw this lady under the tree—she's glowing, in white dress, nakatalikod facing the tree. Tumayo balahibo ko, I checked the two passengers at the back, and they were busy, so hindi ko na sinabi. Bumusina na lang ako ng dalawang beses to pay respect."—Solpico

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The faceless woman of Bacoor, Cavite

"I had a trip with a rider from Alabang to Cavite one night. We had to pass through a long and dark highway with barely any person in sight. As we were about to reach our destination in Bacoor, the rider told me that when I pass through the same highway going back, I should lock my door, reposition my center mirror, and keep on going even if someone tries to stop me. She sounded very serious, saying that a lot of motorists have already gotten into accidents in that highway because unknown figures suddenly ride with them. So as I passed through the highway going back, I drove very fast, but I suddenly saw a white dog with a faceless woman along the side of the road. Heeding the advice of my rider, I just kept on going until I reached an area with better lighting."—Bernard Brigondo

Ghosts request a ride, too

"I dropped off a rider near Antipolo one night then got another request from someone near the area. As I entered the subdivision, the rider's pick-up point was at an empty lot with two large trees. I tried contacting the rider and double-checked the app but there seemed to be no one in the area. I decided to leave and asked the guard why there was someone who requested for a ride near the lot. I was then informed that there used to be someone who lived there, but they have already died and their house got destroyed by the recent typhoon."—Nicasio Bato

"At 2 a.m. I got a request headed to a university near my home. Since I don't want my acceptance rate to go down, I decided to take it. As I entered the campus grounds, I already felt a cold chill so I decided to increase my car's thermostat. As I reached the rider's pick-up point, I encountered a dead end in a dark area of the campus. I tried several times to find another way to the pick-up point, but I always ended up on the same spot. I went out and did some light stretching. The car suddenly locked on its own, something that has never happened before. Good thing I had the car's remote with me. I hurriedly rushed back to the car and made my way out of the area. A guard then approached me and told me that I've already been going around the area for more than an hour. I then looked at my Uber app and saw that I was 'offline'—meaning I wasn't supposed to get any rider request."—Rommel Garcia

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...but sometimes they just hitchhike

"One evening, I got a request from someone near the Ortigas area. The way was very dark, but I felt the need to pee, so I pulled over for a while. I went to the side, put the lights on hazard, and kept the two front doors of my car open. While I was doing my business, I felt a sudden chill at the back of my neck. I looked back at my car and saw a figure standing in front of it. I immediately ran back to the car and closed the doors. I waited for a while and felt like the figure was now watching from the trees where I just came from. I opened all the lights and rushed towards the pick-up point of the rider. I picked up the rider and her friend and told them what had just happened. They told me that the reason why they chose to get an Uber was because the streets were dark and they too also felt chills on the exact same spot that I told them."—Kenn Mamerto


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