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A 5-Point Plan to Chocolates

Because hey! It's chocolate week this week!!
by Lou E. Albano | Oct 12, 2011
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While you may not have the sweetest of sweet teeth—that honor is reserved for your wife—we can at least celebrate Chocolate Week (happening this week) by agreeing that chocolate is a good thing. Palaman sa tinapay, sloppily biting on giant chocolate bars, choco donut with coffee, life’s like a box of chocolate, chocolate on pizza, even, syrup on ice cream, fondue with fruits, or whatever else pairing you can think of.

Are you suddenly hungry for a chocolate bar? Is the weather calling for coffee and cake combonalo? Or wait, how about a cup of hot chocolate for a change?

The good thing is that there are fewer reasons to keep your distance from jugulat. says "Chocolate Lovers have a lower risk of stroke." While a study in the Netherlands shows that consuming a third of a chocolate bar a day could lower blood pressure.

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And the better this is that there are so many ways to enjoy chocolate. While all of them are correct—believe you us, none of them are wrong!—here are five ways for you to reach maximum enjoyment when FT-ing on jugulat.

TIP: These can be fantastic aha! bits when there’s this girl in your picture and she’s a chocolohic and you may be want to impress her.

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