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A brief retelling of 2010 100 Sexiest Party

<p>A spectacle of sexy!</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 17, 2010
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From inside the walls of the World Trade Center, a couple minutes or so before the gates open for what we dubbed “The Sexiest Show on Earth,” a shout is heard coming from the speakers:[firstpara]
Mga kuya! Paki-walis uli yung stage!”

The stage, at that moment, had just been vacated by the women participating in the show’s final rehearsal.

And who we assume to be the show’s floor director must have been displeased with the tiny little details, the feathers and such, falling off from some of the costumes and onto the stage and ramp.

The show, a carnival of manly delights, had better be perfect or there will be hell to pay, to be served by the hard-to-please legion of FHM followers if need be.

Soon enough, security personnel mercifully swing open the doors, and immediately, event-goers were greeted with a hot batch of European models that had been situated along the event’s tunnel-like entrance.

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As such, people were slow to move, taking pictures of the women as they went. Some of the bouncers started instructing them to take just one picture, and then proceed inside right away. Some listened, some didn’t, but no worries; it didn’t take unbearably long to usher majority of the crowd in.  

It really looked and felt like you were in some carnabal once inside. Its fairgrounds was ADHD-heaven. On the right side was the biggest San Mig Light bucket on earth. Right next to it, were Master’s lion cages, only the lions had been shockingly replaced with hot dancing women.

Premiere’s eagle-spread booth had the vibe of a classic carnival horror house; enter at the risk of being pleasured! Opposite that was RRJ’s Carnival Queens show, luring young men over with promises of heaven on earth!


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