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Neat Infographic Shows You How The World's Alcoholic Drinks Are Made

Ever wanted to bottle your own alcohol? Here's a cheat sheet to get you started!
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 24, 2015
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Have you ever stopped gulping down that beer to take a moment and wonder: "Hhmm, saan kaya gawa 'tong beer na 'to?" No? Well, that's why they call you an alcoholic.

While we're rarely the ones to ever tell other guys to stop their drinking in lieu of doing something else, that's exactly what we're going to do now. We're going to tell you to stop chugging down that ale, sipping down that whiskey, gargling that wine, or burning down your esophagus with that gin.

Over at, we've found the magical list of ingredients that make up the world's alcoholic refreshments from Absinthe all the way to wine. It's going to shake away that long-slumbering alchemist in you, and inspire you to figure out how exactly to brew your own brew like a videogame character crafting his own items.

Check it out:

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Seven semi-useful bits of trivia from this infographic that we'd like to share to our drinking buddies the next time we get wasted:

1)  WINE apparently originated in China and not some fancy European country like France or Italy.

2)  Not all potatoes get turned into French fries. Some of them get distilled into VODKA.

3)  Don't throw away those overripe bananas in your fridge. You can make TONTO with that, which is an Ugandan drink with nine percent alcohol content.

4)  The only difference between Japan's SHOCHU and South Korea's SOJU is that the former is made with kamote and the latter is made with bigas.

5)  If you want to get wasted and you want to get wasted fast, you can't go wrong with Ireland's POITIN, which is distilled from malted barley.

6)  The Philippines' very own BASI makes it in this list, a tequila-lite-like drink that's made from sweet, sweet sugarcane. It has alcoholic content of 13 percent.

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7)  Grain is the most common ingredient in these drinks, having appeared in seven of them, including WHISKY, ABSINTHE and GIN.

Ready to nurse your drinking habit? Easy, bro! It's not yet the weekend!

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