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5 Bad Moms that Will Make You Appreciate Your Own

Love yo momma, son
by Mikey Agulto | May 9, 2013
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Bro, don't forget to give 'yo momma a big, fat smooch this Sunday, because it's Mother's Day (and if you have a yummy mummy, give her another kiss on our behalf).

Hug her for bringing you into this world, for giving you a figure to learn from and look up to as a child. Smother her with presents for unconditionally loving you despite coming off as a difficult teen who most likely experimented with girls, porn, and heaven knows what. Praise her for making laba of your dirty briefs (and thank your yaya too, if you have one). Most notably, tell her you love her for not losing her cool and ending up on the wrong side of motherhood, much like the bad moms you are about to meet below.

Mommy, Mama, Mamita, thank God you're not like any of these fools. Love your mama, son!

Bad Moms
Angela Danner

Baddy Mommy Deed: Forced her teen son to live in a basement with no light
Angela, together with her new husband, forced her 15-year old son to live in a basement and locked him down there with no light and cushioning as punishment for his alleged laziness. The boy, who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome, is also forced by his parents to hundreds of push-ups everyday as part of his penalty, and is also denied any form of lighting, showers, and other basic needs. Boy finally had the audacity to call the cops and got her parents busted.

Bad Moms
Latonya Davis
Baddy Mommy Deed: Forced her kids to fight live on camera
Latonya, bored out of her mind one day, decided to pit her own toddler against another toddler she was babysitting. Encouraging both kids to engage in some action, the children started punching each other in the face amidst all the screaming and crying. Worse, Latonya shot the entire thing on her camera and posted said baby brawl on Facebook. “Y’all better ball up some fists,” she was heard saying. The video accordingly picks up, and the cops came a knockin’.

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