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Supposed ADMU Graduate Rants Online, Triggers The Internet

It's time to stop BPO-shaming, among other things
by John Paulo Aguilera | Aug 30, 2017
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Just when you thought that social media wasn't toxic enough, a rant about the current employment situation in the Philippines recently went viral.

The ADMU Rantbox, as the name suggests, is a space dedicated to members of the Ateneo community and their anonymous ramblings and grievances. The Facebook page gained traction earlier this week when a contributor complained about how "Ateneans aren't getting hired for the good jobs."

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The entire post is plain griping, but certain points are worth zeroing in on:

-"...why aren't its (Ateneo) graduates getting snapped up like lechon at a fiesta?"
-"I don't wanna work for some BPO, though, I'm so tempted already."
-"I just want a job at a nice multinational or big company..."

Netizens, particularly call center agents, understandably got triggered by #ADMURantbox115 and we can't blame them. The issue brings to mind previous cases of supposed discrimination towards the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry. 

"The nature of a BPO job can be perceived as mundane," a hiring manager of a multinational BPO company admits. "We find that graduates of top tier schools don't have the patience to last in the job. It's not because the job is too easy, it might actually be surprisingly complex and they quit to find other less stressful options."

Case in point: the writer got rejected twice while applying for a call center job. Despite the above-average compensation, agents tend to sacrifice their health working the graveyard shift, not to mention the fact that they constantly have to deal with rude customers while maintaining their cool. If anything, BPO positions aren't for the weak-willed, which the original poster (OP) should have realized by now after reading the brutal comments.


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Earlier last year, JobStreet Philippines Country Manager Philip Gioca explained why most employers (45%) opt for state university alumni: "PUP (Polytechnic University of the Philippines) graduates display a drive to succeed and are very hardworking. They have reasonable demands and they don't usually display an attitude of self-entitlement. They tend to stay longer in a company and they don't leave at the slightest difficulty."

That second reason has got to hurt. In the real world, there's no such thing as special treatment—connections can only get you so far in a cutthroat work environment. Gone are the days when graduating from one of the 'Big 4' universities ensured being hired. The person who penned the entry, who might or might not be an actual ADMU graduate, seemed to be living this reality, scaring undergraduates by telling them to "start preparing to find jobs." 

Finally, never expect to make it big overnight. While there is nothing wrong with being ambitious, the OP has to learn to manage goals and expectations. Even the most sucessful people in the world had start from the bottom.

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At the end of the day, your skills and attitude—which this person sorely needs to work on—will lay the groundwork for progress.


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