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Can #AlDub Also Break These Social Media Records?

With the way the hit pairing has been setting Twitter on fire, we say it's not too far-fetched...
by John Paulo Aguilera | Sep 28, 2015
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It's safe to say that we can now call Saturday as "#AlDub Twitter Record-Breaking Day."

A week after setting the microblogging site's records on fire—12.1 million tweets using the hashtag #AlDubMostAwaitedDateEat Bulaga's colossal kalyeserye effortlessly shattered its personal record with an unbelievable 25.6 million tweets, with #AlDubEBforLove utterly dominating last Saturday's (nonexistent) noontime show showdown.

But more importantly, the episode rendered fans of Maine Mendoza (Yaya Dub) and Alden Richards' hit pairing perhaps the most kilig they've ever been. We mean, were you able to control yourself during that "glass of water" sequence? Weren't you intrigued by what's written on Maine's letter?

Relive the episode here:

Pumayag na si Lola Nidora na umakyat ng ligaw kay Yaya Dub! Muling kiligin sa #Kalyeserye! #AlDub

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Posted by Eat Bulaga on Saturday, September 26, 2015

With the #AlDub hashtags simply dominating local trends day in and day out, it wouldn't be surprising if the tandem's burgeoning fanbase suddenly decides to go for international social media records, such as...


Early this year, Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner broke US President Barack Obama's record of fastest growing Twitter account, reaching a million followers in just four hours and three minutes.

In the case of #AlDub, what if the love team decides to put up its official Twitter handle, aside from its throng of fan accounts? It would be fairly possible to hit the one million mark within the duration of that day's kalyeserye segment (approximately 30 to 45 minutes).

Who's with us?


During the 86th Academy Awards last year, host Ellen Degeneres squeezed in with a number of Hollywood A-listers for a momentous snap which went on to garner 2.6 million retweetsgood enough for the record of most re-tweeted post on Twitter. Curiously, it came again at the expense of Obama, who previously held the record with a photo of him and his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, sharing a hug.

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But if we're talking about most re-tweeted messages, an actual exchange of "I love yous" (and not just "AlDub you") between Alden and Maine, who have have yet to converse or even tag one another on social media, could prove to be more monumental than a star-studded selfie.


Realistically, it's a long shot for Maine (1.74 million followers) or Alden (1.87 million) to reach even just a fraction of Katy Perry's humongous 75.8 million-strong following.

In the future though, it's not impossible for the actual number of #AlDub Nation members to scale those heights, especially now that the sensational pairing is starting to create buzz on a global scale.


A few months ago, Kendall Jenner dethroned sister Kim Kardashian in having the most-liked picture in Instagram, with 3.1 million clicks of approval as of this writing—and still counting!

For #AlDub fans, we have this:

Imagine if there was no no-touch rule...


On August 3, 2013, Twitter experienced a huge spike in tweets per second—143,199 in a one-second peak to be exact. This happened during the rebroadcasting of Hayao Miyazaki's Castle In The Sky, which also tallied a whopping 25,088 tweets-per-second record in a televised broadcast in 2011.

#AlDub already had its first date (#AldubMostAwaitedDate), followed by its first formal courting day (#AlDubEBforLove). What do you think will transpire when their first real kiss finally happens? Will we see international Twitter records being broken?

Only time (and, perhaps, Lola Nidora) will tell...

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