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Alianna Mossman - May 2012

Everything about Alianna Mossman tells you she's a keeper
by Ronjay Eduvas | May 2, 2012
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With the entire clamor we just went through with your name, can you help us describe what it actually means?
I believe the name Alianna means noble and gracious in Latin. It could also mean always being able to have poise, which could be true for me.

But we’re sure you’ve had your share of wa-poise moments, have you?
I have, I have. See, I’m like a leech; I love smelling guys’ necks all the way to their armpits, ha ha! Sorry!

What, like a puppy or something?
I guess it would be the fact that I’m a real-deal animal lover, ha ha!

What do you love doing during your downtime?
Just like everybody else, I presume. I love to eat, sleep, and drink. I live in Quezon City so I often party with friends just around the area. But I what I really love doing during my off-days includes going to the beach and traveling. I like trying new things in life, like pole dancing, for one!

Is it hard being comfy in sexy shoots such as this one?
I don’t know but I feel comfortable when it comes to these kinds of things. Sexy shoots boost your self-confidence and selfesteem. I mean why can’t a girl express being sexy, right? If you’ve
got something to show, something to flaunt, why not share it? I’d do it as long as it’s not hurting anybody.

And in doing so, we saw how awesome your tattoo looks! What does it mean?
My tattoo is actually written in Thai, which means “I find comfort in pain.” It’s an emotional kind of pain. It’s more of liking the pain that they cause when they’re being jealous or just being possessive.

Something tells us you’ve been hurt before.
I admit I can be an imbecile when it comes to relationships,because I almost always give my everything to the person I love even if I know he’s just playing with me. I tend to not leave anything for myself.

Do you mind telling us about your previous relationships?
My longest relationship lasted four years, while short ones usually only take about a month or two. I would always try my best, and I’m always there to listen to him especially when he’s upset. I prefer to always try talking things out and making it work.

How do you know when a guy is boyfriend material?
I like guys who can think and decide for themselves. Personal hygiene is also an important factor for me. And I wish they won’t be too in love with themselves; you know, vain guys. I love down-to-earth kind of guys. I’d like them to be kind and disciplined. I’d love it if they’d accept me for who and what I am. Gosh, I have so many preferences!

We’ve been told flattery alone does the job. Which body part should we compliment?
I’d have to go for the eyes. It is the most expressive out of all body parts, therefore making it the sexiest. With just one look it could be love, lust, happiness or anything else like it. It’s a matter of emotion. It’s like body language without having to flaunt the body itself. You know what I mean?

We reckon you use your eyes when trying to pick someone up, no?
Let’s just say I even like wearing black eyeshadow to express my eyes. Ha ha!

Match that with a sexy red dress and lofty black stilettos. Do you concur?
I’d say stilettos could be the closest thing to a sexy outfit. I’ve heard this statement several times: “The higher the heels are the sexier it gets.” It doesn’t matter if the girl is wearing the ugliest dress, as long as her shoes are attractive. It’s like speaking for itself saying something like “I wanna get screwed.” Ha ha!

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Alianna appears courtesy of Talents Manila
Shot on location at the Maltroom, Hotel Rembrandt, Quezon City

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