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Ellen's Workout Video Caused Erections. What Will Allan Adarna's Workout Vid Cause?

Ellen Adarna's Internet-crashing exercise video was the stuff of dreams. Allan Adarna's parody, on the other hand, is what nightmares are made of. 
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 26, 2014
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If you are a man, then surely you must have seen this one workout video featuring a certain FHM cover girl. 

Haven't seen it? Well, we're afraid you'll have to turn in your man-card. 

The video we're talking about is Ellen Adarna's super hardcore workout where she mostly doesn't work out as much as she titillates with her super skimpy gym attire and compromising workout positions. It was one of our favorite things from 2013. 

We knew then that it was only a matter of time before someone did a parody video. That time has (unfortunately) arrived: Ladies and gentlemen, meet Allan Adarna. He ain't as sexy as Ellen, but boy does this man work his butt off!  Yes, M-A-N!

Here, have a look, but make sure you have a bucket to barf in beside you, just in case you can't take its sexiness:


Being the diligent FHM man that we are, we of course made sure to capture the best moments of the tummy-baring, sweat-raining clip. Below, the ten best (or worst) moments of Mr. Allan Adarna!

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Things got off to a great start with Mr. Allan Adarna totally nailing the "I'm dead-serious in getting se-xay" look that Ellen mastered many, many years before

FHM's reaction: Okay, this ain't too bad. This is actually promising.

We have weight problems ourselves, so when we see the determined eyes of someone looking to sweat out his fat, we can't help but feel inspired

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FHM's reaction: This guy. This guy right here. Is about to KILL his workout. 

And then we get the full reveal of what Mr. Allan Adarna wears during his workouts. We have one advice for anyone who might bump into someone wearing something like this: run, run far away, and never come back

FHM's reaction: Uhm, that shirt might be a size too small, sir. sSort shorts and a crop top are so not TNL. We repeat: hindi pang-tunay-na-lalake ang pekpek shorts at bitin na gym top! 

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4) And then we are given a shot of why the man is so determined to work out HARD. He needs lot of work, obviously. But with Mr. Allan Adarna's determination, he ain't going to be stopped—kahit lagyan mo pa siya ng lechon sa harap niya

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