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Althea Wang - December 2010 Online Babe

We'd call her giggles, but then she took off her clothes

by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 3, 2010
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The last time we had a chat with this pretty, little lady right here, her ring tone—a recording of what seemed to be a woman in climax—became one of the highlights of our conversation. [firstpara]

We described it as “lewd” and she called it “Ang laswa-laswa.”

The tone in question was notoriously absent during her shoot as our Online Babe for December. In its place was a more ordinary beeping tone. It was decidedly a lot less vulgar. So of course, we had to ask: “Where’s your old ring tone?”

She giggled. And then she giggled some more, as if our question was merely a practice in rhetoric. Finally realizing that we were waiting for a real answer, Althea Wang reveals that when she got a new phone, she wasn’t able to transfer the legendary tone in the process, and is now lost for all eternity.

Lost or not though, what matters is that we’ve now figured out what we like the most about Althea. She’s as adorable a chinita as you’ll ever find, her body is a gift from up above, and her cute braces, an obvious gift from her dentist.

But none of those trump the way she, wait for it, giggles. It’s playful. It's sheepish. If we were scientists, we’d probably theorize, and investigate if the sound her giggles make fit some area in the sound wave spectrum that triggers a distinctly positive response in men.

But we’re not. And the images you will see in the following pages won’t be able to make any sound. She does take the daring to another level though, which we’re pretty sure would be enough to get a smile out of you.

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This is your return performance. How does this one compare to your November debut?
Yung una kasi hindi gaanong daring, pero ngayon mas enjoy kasi mas daring siya talaga, and okay rin sa akin yung concept.

In your interview before, you said that you didn’t know if you could actually be daring. What changed?
Hindi ko rin alam talaga ‘eh, pero siguro kasi mabilis magbago isip ko eh.

Have you ever been taken to a first-class drive-in hotel such as our venue today?
Oo, pumupunta ako pag gusto ko magpahinga, and mag-relax ng konti. Here ang cute nung mga rooms na pinagshoot-an natin. Pinaka-type ko yung may pole, yung Austin Powers na room! Gusto ko actually matuto mag pole-dancing! And nakaka-turn on din talaga yung ambience, ang ganda-ganda kasi e.

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