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Why Everyone's Going Bonkers Over American Ninja Warrior's First Female Winner, Kacy Catanzaro

Meet your ultimate dream girl!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jul 22, 2014
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If you’re not familiar with the show American Ninja Warrior, it’s like Takeshi’s Castle on steroids.

Contestants must finish a course that includes jumping over inclined slippery slopes and holding on to a huge cylinder, among others. Simply put, their course is built for people to fail on–especially those whose physique is a far cry from Hercules'.

That’s why the world went bonkers when a 24-year-old former gymnast named Kacy Catanzaro conquered all the difficult obstacles to become the first female ever to finish the course.

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As always, it didn't take long for her video to go viral. Let’s take a closer look at Kacy's inspiring tale, courtesy of these GIFS!

She started the course strong, thanks to her superb yakap skills

Being a former gymnast, she gracefully leaped on to the dangling military net. But let us remind you that she's only five-feet-tall, which means this was literally a leap of faith!

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Kacy almost fell off after failing to put the ring on the protruding sticks! #MiniHeartAttack

But she perseveres. That's some A-class akyat-bahay skills right there!

These sexist guys couldn't believe it.

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This obstacle is called the "Salmon Ladder," because you need to pull yourself up to the ladder, like a salmon jumping out of a surging river. Kacy went through it with ease.

She then showed her pole dancing skills! Now we know why guys always fail this test!

Ever wondered how Santa Claus manages to enter and exit chimneys? Here's the answer:

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And yeahhhh! She makes it to the top! Hey, Katy, este Kacy, let us hear you roar!

If you want to watch Kacy's full run, check out the video below:

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