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An Eye on the Web: Cory Aquino's First Death Anniversary

<p>Her legacy lives on</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 2, 2010
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Perhaps there isn’t anything left to say about the life and death of one Cory Aquino. Icon of democracy. A modern day Joan of Arc.[firstpara] Those labels are heavy and powerful, and no matter what her detractors ever said, our former President are worthy of those labels, if only for her ability to unite a nation.

Last August 1, 2010, on Cory’s first death anniversary, we saw just how powerful an icon she remains to be. TV stations, print media, and radio stations gave the anniversary the full coverage treatment, sparing nary a detail.

A report by details the many tributes offered to the late president on this date. In many places, priests and nuns led their respective communities in remembrance and prayers.

In a town in Iloilo, one mayor reiterates that they won’t be taking down the  billboards they specifically put up last year in honor of Cory.

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One retired police officer, Nestor Daracan, even went to the former president’s resting place, and serenaded Cory from as early as 7 AM to late in the afternoon with songs like “I Can’t Stop Loving You,” “The Wonder of You,” “Don’t Forget to Remember Me” and “Deep in My Heart.”

On the same website, a Cory timeline is also featured that details the momentous events in the life of our dear former president.

Cory’s death though, no matter how saddening it was, came with a silver lining. It was the moment in which Noynoy Aquino finally decided to run for President.

And though we realistically have yet to see if Noynoy can change the culture of corruption in our country’s government, at the very least, the people are hopeful and appears to be wholeheartedly interested in uniting for the sake of the country. That’s the power of an Aquino in this country.

Aside from major news outlets, we checked Twitter out, and saw what the people were saying. has prepared a list of relevant tweets from popular figures. Included in the list is Jim Paredes who tweeted “Was it only last year? It seems that so many things had happened since.” And we feel just the same. We’ve got a new president, and with him, a new hope for the betterment of a country.

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