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And Now, Meet the New Lois Lane

<p>An awesome, awesome choice</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Mar 29, 2011
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It’s a running story, all these superhero film reboots and the actresses included in the stellar cast: Emma Stone playing the new Gwen Stacy, Jennifer Lawrence playing the new Mystique, and Anne Hathaway playing the new Catwoman.
A day after the great Wonder Woman reveal, we learn strawberry blonde darling Amy Adams will be playing Lois Lane, Superman's journalist lady love.

A quick recap: Sucker Punch director Zack Snyder has been helmed to direct Superman: Man of Steel and British actor Henry Cavill of The Tudors fame will play the role of Clark Kent.

The 2012 reboot basically demystifies the other Superman reboot in 2006.

"What's important to us is making him relevant and real and making him empathetic to today's audience so that we understand the decisions he makes," says Snyder. "That applies to Lois as well. She has to be in the same universe as him.”

We’re sure Amy Adams will do alright in her portrayal, but the Oscar-nominated actress has got some hot babe shoes to fill. The character of Lois Lane was portrayed by Margot Kidder in the 70s, Teri Hatcher in the 90s, Erica Durance in Smalville, and Kate Bosworth just 5 years ago.

But silly us for thinking that Amy ain’t just as fine, if not better. We’ve seen Amy at her most charming in Enchanted, at her most daring in The Fighter, and at her most naive in Catch Me If You Can. And during all three performances, she looked captivatingly gorgeous.

And to add ganda points to the actress playing Lois, she’s also had her taste of Clark Kent when she guest starred in an episode of Smallville back in 2001. And for all its worth, we’ve known Amy best as a feisty red head who needs very little rescuing - just like Lois, except she's brunette.

Superman: Man of Steel is currently slated for a December 2012 release, so for the meantime a quick debate: is Amy Adams a good choice for Lois Lane? Hit us up on our comment box below.

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