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And The August Issue is Out!

Can no longer call August a ghost month
by Lou E. Albano | Jul 28, 2011
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The last time Niña Jose graced FHM Philippines, she was a sweet 19-year-old lass. That was three years ago, in March 2008. So obvioulsy, we approached her second cover appearance this August with as much excitement as her first, if not more so. Check the cover out:

Shooting at a gentlemen’s club at the heart of Malate, Niña reveals a newfound maturity all decked out in seductive lace and spiked heels. Still, we are pleasantly surprised to discover that while Niña may have amped up the sexiness, she kept much of her bubbly, girl-next-door charm. Livening up the room with infectious laughter one minute, then silencing us as she turns her seductive stare on the lens, Niña kept us enthralled all afternoon.

Her goal for the afternoon— a very artfully rendered topless shot (which you now see on the cover)— had been realized and she was ecstatic. We, on the other hand, found ourselves infected with Niña’s hyper high, resulting in a jam-packed August issue for you.

We bring out the classic ladies from the annals of FHM history and bring them to life via 3D. We develop newfound appreciation for lace and silk as we decked out Jinri Park, Saicy Aguila, and Savannah Lamsen in sultry lingerie.

Of course there's more: We found ways to stretch your 500 bucks, impress your girlfriend’s mother with extensive knowledge of housekeeping, and keep your job while maintaining an office dalliance. Sounds tiring? Don’t worry. We may even have found the secret to living forever.

Intrigued? Indeed, August is one for the books. And with a cover shoot like this one, how can it not be? Check out the gallery below and see what happened behind the scenes.

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