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And the grand prize for the FHM X Promo is...

<p>That's a lot of love right there!</p>
| Feb 2, 2010
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By now, you all know about the cute little promo that is FHM X: 100 Days, wherein we give a prize a day to a lucky dude, who knows way too much about FHM. [firstpara] And at one point or another—and maybe more than others—you've participated and hopefully have won in that countdown of the game.

But we're stepping up the game. Because for Day 1, that is, the last day of promo, we're giving away the complete set of FHM Philippines (exclusive of specials like the FHM Lingerie book and the like, take note!).

That's right, ten years worth of FHM, from our very first issue in March 2000 all the way to our forthcoming March 2010 offering.

Obviously, such an incredible, incredible, incredible prize—not even FHM staffers can boast of having such a collection—comes with an incredible, incredible question. And that is why, we are giving you approximately a month to think about it.

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Here are the special guidelines for Day 1. Take note because we will not entertain spammers, freeloaders, and haters who are out to ruin the fun.

1. There won't be any specified number of commenter anymore.
2. One entry per person only.
3. Only 100-word answers only. And yes, we will be strict with the word count.
4. We will inform you of how you can submit your entries when on a later date. This is to allow you to really think about your answers, as well as to keep order of the day. Again, spammers will not be entertained.

If, for example, you decide to send your answer via a personal message to editors through the bull board or send an email, before the given date, sorry, you will have used your chance. Which means you can no longer join (please see Rule Number 2).

Clear? Good. Now onto the question: In 100 words Why do you deserve the complete FHM collection? Ten years' worth of FHM is no joke so the most compelling, the most heart-warming, the most moving answer gets the prize. All entries will be read by a select team of judges.

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Good luck, kids. And remember, fun is all we want have. It's our 10th birthday!

Edit: FHM won't cover for shipping expenses so unless you've somebody to claim prize on your behalf, contest is open to Metro Manila residents only. Thanks!

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