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10 Things About Andres Bonifacio!

Today more than a hundred years ago, the toughest Pinoy that ever lived was born
by Mikey Agulto | Nov 30, 2011
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Happy Bonifacio Day, FHM nation! We have to thank the man, Andres Bonifacio, for this non-working holiday, among far and better things.. This is indeed freedom,which we will never ever take for granted, sir.

Alas, our little tribute to the toughest S.O.B. of the 19th century. The gutsiest man of the colonial times. The figure that originated the everyday man that's palaban. Here are 10 things about Andres Bonifacio that makes him da man.

1. Andres Bonifacio ironically has a rich mix of foreign blood. His mom Catalina De Castro was born to a Spanish father and a Fil-Chinese mother. Andres was the breadwinner of the family, with his parents dying in only a span of a year in 1881. The man has three brothers and two sisters, all of whom depended on him for everything, forcing him to stop schooling as a teenager.

2. Andres was married thrice in his life. But only to two ladies. There was his first wife, Monica, who died of leprosy. Then Bonifacio met a much younger woman named Gregoria De Jesus, whom he married twice! In two separate churches in Binondo and Sta. Cruz, Manila! Famously known as Aling Oriang, Gregoria eventually became the founder and vice-president of the women’s chapter of KKK. After Andres’ death in 1987, Gregoria met another man, Julio Nakpil, and re-married a year later.

3. Before leading the revolution, Andres had a day job. He worked as a clerk and later on as an agent in a company called J.M. Fleming & Company. Said company bought his house later on and demolished it for the Manila Railway Company. Bonifacio also used to sell fans and canes to make money.

4. Andres was named by his parents after St. Andrew – widely known as one of the apostles featured in the New Testament of the Bible. Filipino parents, to this day, have a long running tradition of naming their children after Catholic saints.

5. Andres’ story can be compared to that of 300’s King Leonidas, because that’s basically the exact number of Katipuneros he had when the revolution first started. When the publication of the organ Kalayaan spread through the nation, membership blossomed to 40,000 in a span of seven months.

6. When Bonifacio was arrested by Emilio Aguinaldo’s men, Andres was shot in the arm and stabbed on the neck. Murder!

7. Lazaro Macapagal, the commanding officer of Andres and his brother Procopio’s execution party in May 1897, is an ancestor of Diosado Macapagal and Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Such a controversial clan, the Macapagals.

8. Some historians have regarded Bonifacio of being the first president of the Philippines, Having declared himself President and Commander-in-Chief of the de facto revolutionary government during the “Cry of Pugadlawin” in 1896.

9. There were reportedly three versions of Bonifacio’s execution in 1897. The first and most regarded version states that Andres and Procopio were shot to death. The second one cites that Andres was killed while trying to escape after his brother was shot. The third version includes Bonifacio being stabbed and hacked to death while laying probe on a hammock.

10. The same man who married Gregoria de Jesus, Julio Nakpil, also happens to be the KKK’s commander of the Katipunan troops in Northern Luzon. Andres has also appointed Nakpil to compose a national anthem, to which Julio produced a hymn called “Marangal na Dalit ng Katagalugan.”

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